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        I BRUSH MY HAIR, getting out all the tangles and making it smooth. After managing to get most of the tangles out, I pull my hair into a ponytail before throwing on a clean uniform. I brush my teeth, I wash my face, and I put on some deodorant. As I pull on my boots, I feel like a new woman.

For the finishing touch, I grab Bucky's dog tags and place them around my neck, where mine are already firmly in place. I would like to have a piece of him with me for this last mission. He deserves to be here to defeat the Nazis, and if this is the close I can get to him being here, then so be it.

I get off my bed and stand in front of the mirror, or what's left of it. There's a big enough shard to look at myself.

I look complete again; not as broken, even though that's how I feel on the inside. The dark circles are still under my eyes, but there's no way to fix that. Though they make me look even more menacing, I wish they would go away.

I'm myself again. A bit more broken and bruised than before, but still, myself.

The cut on my arm feels strange, so strange I do not know how to describe it. It's like...electricity.

I shiver, grabbing my gun off the chair and walking out the door. As I walk down the halls, soldiers stare at me in shock. I haven't left my room once since Bucky's death; it's a fair reaction, but that doesn't mean it doesn't make me any less annoyed at their looks.

I reach the room where Steve and the rest of our dream team should be planning the mission. I take a deep breath and bust through the door, catching everyone's attention.

"Captain Evans? Are you going to fight with us?" Colonel Phillips questions as he glances down at my uniform.

I nod my head, feeling a deep confidence inside myself. "I am, I will."

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        I SIT CALMLY ON the back of Steve's motorcycle, gripping his waist for dear life as Hydra soldiers shoot their vaporizing guns at us. I have driven a motorcycle before, don't get me wrong, but I have never ridden with someone else driving, and riding with Steve kind of terrifies me.

As a blast of blue almost singes my hair off, I tap Steve's shoulder. "Steve, I need to borrow that thing before I die!" I yell, motioning towards his shield. He hands the shield to me obediently without taking his eyes off the road, and I quickly place it firmly against my back so that I won't get vaporized into thin air if the ammo from their guns hit me.

Suddenly, Steve presses a button, releasing a tripwire between two trees. I look behind us to find two Hydra soldiers getting knocked off their motorcycles. The plan is going smoothly. Two down, six to go.

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