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        "AVERY!" A VOICE EXCLAIMS, awakening me from my deep slumber. I mumble something incoherent under my breath in response. A few seconds later, the voice says something again. "Wake up!"

"Oh my God, Steve. Look what they did to her."

Wait. I know that voice. Bucky.

I open my eyes slightly to come face to face with a very attractive Bucky Barnes. Once I realize my hands are out of restraints, I reach up and touch his face. "You're okay," I mumble, thinking back to when I saw him on the operating table. He looked so out of it then. I didn't even know if he was going to be alive.

"Me? Of course I am. Look at you. Look at what they've done. I should be saying that to you," he retorts, gesturing towards the wounded parts of my body. He looks so angry that I'm afraid he might pop a blood vessel.

I cough roughly, feeling a bit of drainage go down the back of my throat and cringing at the feeling before glancing up at Bucky. "I'm fine. Just fine. Everything's fine now."

I sit up slowly, bracing myself for the pain from my stomach. I pull my blood stained green shirt up to reveal a newly stitched wound. Dr. Zola must've redone the stitches, but why do that and not stitch up the huge cut running down my arm?

Bucky's arms are around me in a flash and I sigh in content. I nuzzle my face into his neck, missing the feeling of his body against mine.

"Um, I don't mean to intrude on this adorable moment, but we need to go," Steve interrupts. I chuckle slightly and release Bucky reluctantly. I move my feet so they dangle over the table, and Bucky and Steve put my shoes on. Once they're done, I get off the examination table with the two men's help and we head out of the room.

We walk as fast as we can down the hallway, Steve and Bucky practically having to drag me, since I haven't completely woken up yet and still feel completely drained.

Finally, we reach some metal stairs and walk down them. An explosion is below the little catwalk thing we're on and if we fall, we obviously are goners. By now, I've shifted away from Bucky and Steve, my stubborn independent side kicking in. I'm stumbling, but at least I'm standing on my own and not being a burden.

Something else blows up from below, and we quickly run up the stairs one more level.

We're about to continue on when a voice stops us. "Captain America! How exciting! I'm a great fan of your films! So Dr. Erskine managed it after all. Not exactly an improvement, but still impressive." I turn to see Dr. Zola in front of Johann Schmidt.

Before I can race across the bridge and try to beat both of the idiots up in my weak state, Steve holds his arm out stopping me. He heads out onto the bridge, meeting the two of them in the middle.

Steve punches Johann Schmidt in the face. "You got no idea."

"Haven't I!" Schmidt swings a punch at Steve and he quickly protects himself with his shield. A dent appears where Schmidt's fist lands and my eyes widen in surprise. Steve pulls his gun from his holster, but Schmidt punches him in the face, making Steve fall onto the metal catwalk floor and the gun fall over the edge. Steve kicks Schmidt back, making him fall onto the other side of the catwalk. Dr. Zola pulls a lever, making the bridge break apart, so Steve and Schmidt are separated.

"No matter what lies Erskine told you, you see I was his greatest success!" Schmidt pulls off his fake skin mask, revealing a red skull as his head. My eyes widen in shock at the revelation.

Bucky stares at the red skull and then directs his question to Steve. "You don't have one of those, do you?"

If this was any other situation, I'd laugh at his words. I feel Bucky intertwining our hands together, causing me to wince slightly at the pressure. He notices and gently moves it so he's not hurting me.

"You are deluded, Captain. You pretend to be a simple soldier, but in reality you are just afraid to admit that we have left humanity behind. Unlike you, I embrace it proudly. Without fear!" Schmidt exclaims to Steve as he heads towards the elevator with Dr. Zola.

"Then how come you're running?" Steve retorts. Schmidt gives him a wicked smile before the elevator doors close completely.

I look around in a panic trying to find a way out. I notice doors that are up a few stories and point at it to Steve. He nods and quickly helps Bucky and I up the stairs. "C'mon, let's go, up."

We soon reach the floor that the door is on and see the beam thing that we have to cross start to shake. Steve helps me over the railing and onto the beam. "One at a time."

I quickly get across as fast as I can and hop over the railing safely onto the other side. Bucky is now on the beam, trying to get across. Once he reaches the one fourth mark, the beam rumbles and collapses slightly. Bucky quickly walks as fast as he can and just when I think he's about to make it, the beam breaks. "Bucky!" I exclaim as he jumps towards the railing I'm standing against. I reach out and grab his arm before he can fall into the explosion below.

I groan as I help him heave himself over the railing to safety. As he takes slow breaths to calm himself, I look over at Steve in shock. What are we gonna do?

An idea springs into my mind. "Find me a rope or something!"

Steve shakes his head and moves his hand in a gesture, telling us to leave. "Just go! Get out of here!"

Bucky is immediately against that idea. "No! Not without you!"

Steve looks around for a second before bending the broken railing bar back. He backs all the way up to the wall and makes a running leap towards our side. An explosion erupts and fire surrounds him, getting in the way of our vision.

Once the smoke clears, we see Steve hanging onto one of the railings desperately. "Well, what are you waiting for? Pull me up!"

I laugh in relief at the sight of him before Bucky and I pull the super soldier onto solid ground. Once we all get over the shock, I turn towards the doors behind us. "C'mon, let's get outta here."

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        I STAND ON STEVE'S RIGHT SIDE with Bucky on his left as we march in front of the other prisoners that were taken towards camp. My M1928 Thompson is back in my hands, and I finally feel complete again.

Everyone stands in front of the gate waiting for us as we head towards them. When it opens, we walk through it with our heads held high.

Soldiers cheer and clap all around us and I hear several "Captain Evans!" being shouted. My lips threaten to break into a smile, but I quickly cover it.

We march straight up to Colonel Phillips and Steve salutes him. "Some of these men...and Captain Evans need medical attention. I'd also like to surrender myself for disciplinary action."

"That won't be necessary," Colonel Phillips states.

Steve almost breaks out a smile, but quickly restrains himself before responding with "Yes sir."

Colonel Phillips turns and leaves, but not before muttering something to Peggy.

Peggy steps up to Steve, and they have a little conversation while I go stand by Bucky. We look at each other and smile, knowing exactly what the other was thinking.

"Hey!" I shouted to catch everyone's attention. Bucky and I exchange a glance before yelling, "Let's hear it for Captain America!"

Cheers erupt all throughout the camp and I smile at Steve. He's exactly where he should be, getting exactly what he deserves.

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