09 | LAB RAT

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09 | LAB RAT

09 | LAB RAT

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        I WAKE UP WITH A GASP. Attempting to sit up, I'm quickly stopped by the restraints strapped around my body. I growl and move around angrily, hating the feeling of helplessness. A sharp pain comes from my arm, causing me to stop immediately and yelp. I look down to find a fresh cut that goes from my wrist to right above my elbow. It's still pouring blood. The least they could've done is put a bandage on it, but of course, Hydra doesn't care that much about their 'patients.'

Pain comes from my stomach as well, but I can't see anything there other than my shirt that's covered in blood. That's never a good sign. I glance to the fight, noticing that I'm plugged into some machine. It feels like it's sending tiny electric shocks into my body. It is barely enough to notice, yet I do.

I hear a door open and crane my neck to try to get a look at who it is. It's a man; I can tell by his shoes. He's not a soldier, since he's making so much noise when his feet hit the ground. Soldiers are trained to be light on their feet and not make so much noise. That will make it easier to take him out.

A face appears above me, and I cringe at the sight of the weird man from before I passed out. "Avery Evans, captain of the 107th infantry. Such an accomplishment for such a young woman."

I want to kill him, I think to myself. Running through practically a thousand different ways to escape, I stay silent, not wanting to voice my violent thoughts.

"You're probably wondering what's happening and what's going on, right?" the man asks, looking for a response. I snarl, moving around aggressively, desperately wanting out of these stupid restraints. I ignore the pain coming from my body, telling my to stop. "Relax, Captain. No need to waist your energy. You're going to need that for the experiment."

My eyes widen. They're using me as a lab rat? What kind of normal human being does that?

Except, he's not a normal human being. He's Hydra. The worst of the worst. The evilest of the evil.

"You're condition looks extremely promising, and you're actually exactly what we're looking for if this succeeds," the man pauses, before making a face of realization. "Oh, where are my manners? I'm Dr. Arnim Zola."

"I'm going to kill you," I state calmly as I stare at the ceiling above me. I really am, too. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but I will.

Dr. Zola chuckles as if he hears this all the time. He probably does if he treats all his experiments like he does me. "Good luck getting out of those restraints, but if I were you, I'd be still. It hurts less that way."

The scientist places more wires on my stomach, on the sides of my head, my arms, and my legs. What's he gonna do to me? "What are you doing?" I ask, trying to contain nervousness. There's no denying that I'm scared.

Dr. Zola presses some buttons on his machine that all the wires are connected to. "You'll find out in the near future."

He pulls some kind of lever on the machine, and electric shocks are sent through my body all at once. I scream loudly, feeling every little volt and shock coming from the machine. It burns and stings, and every single time I think it's over, another wave goes through me.

Dr. Zola moves a knob up some. "I'm kicking it up to six amps at two thousand volts. You're doing wonderfully, Captain Evans."

I'm not exactly doing anything, just sitting here being electrocuted, I think sarcastically.

"Going up to eight amps at two thousand volts, Avery. Prepare yourself," the scientist says. He moves the knob up some more, and an unbearable amount of electricity enters my body. If he goes any higher, he'll surely kill me. He probably wouldn't care. I probably wouldn't either at this point. Being dead is better than being electrocuted.

"Ten amps at two thousand volts, Captain Evans. Going up now," he moved the knob up as far as it would go. My body shakes, but all my pain is gone.

I don't think being electrocuted is supposed to feel like this. At this point, I should be dead, but I'm not. I'm not even screaming anymore. I don't feel anything. Something is not right.

Dr. Zola looks down at me and gasps. He grabs a mirror from a table and puts it in front of my face. "I've done it."

My eyes are no longer their normal green color, but they are now a vibrant, glowing electric blue. I feel stronger than before. As if the electricity amplified my strength. I can feel the electricity coursing through my veins, refreshing me and making me new. I'll never be the same.

Dr. Zola turns off the machine, and the electricity stops flowing. I waste no time and muster up all the strength I can and break the thin leather restraints on my right arm while I still feel the adrenaline high from the electricity. I push Dr. Zola to the side and quickly undo the rest of my restraints.

I jump from the table, a rush of adrenaline pumping through my body. I ignore Dr. Zola lying unconscious on the ground and rush out the unlocked door. I run down the hallway, my bare feet padding against the floor soundlessly. An alarm blares through the air, and I look around in fear that it's because of me.

Guards come from the end of the hallway I'm heading down, so I quickly turn around to run the other way. Guards appear there too, so I look around to try to find somewhere to go. I notice a door near the middle of the hallway and quickly run to it.

I throw it open in a flash, jump in, and close it before a guard can get inside. There's no lock on the door, so I grab a random piece of wood laying around and use it to jam the door.

I turn around, breathing heavily, blood pouring from my arm and into the floor. I feel pain coming from my stomach and lift my shirt. Torn stitches. I wince at the bloody sight.

I look around the room I'm in. It seems to be Dr. Zola's office with all the lab work it is filled with. A map is up on the wall, but before I can get a good look at it, I hear moaning coming from another part of the room.

I wast no time rushing over just to find an unconscious Bucky Barnes lying on a table, restraints tied down to him, just like I was. The guards outside bang on the door, the piece of wood I put there threatening to crack. It's only a matter of time before they break down the door.

I break into action by undoing Bucky's restraints. I gently touch his face, trying to wake him up. "Bucky, wake up."

He mumbles something incoherent, and I curse in annoyance. "It's Avery. Wake up, Bucky."

He stirs a little, and my eyes widen with hope. But before I can do anything else, the wood on the door breaks and the guards come in the room. They rush over to me, and I punch as many as I can with the arm that's not slit open. I thrash around as they try to get me on the ground. They finally succeed and stick some kind of needle into my body, releasing whatever toxins it holds.

"No! No! Bucky!" I scream before the darkness takes over my vision once again.

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