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Looking back on this book, I see I reach 3.98K and I couldnt have asked for anything else. You guys have read this and have waited and I have not delivered but I will. Eventually. 

Book two will be out soon, I promise. The book will be called Immune and after a few touch ups of at least one chapter, I will post it because you guys deserve it. Once I finish writing the first chapter, it will be out, but I dont know how long it will take to get the rest of the book out.

I am so sorry to have you guys wait as long as I have becuase I am TERRIBLE, but in all honesty, its not what I planned. I planned to have the second book out asap from when the first one was published and it didnt happen. I apologize for you guys I have made wait. -Alec

EDIT- 4.44K THAT FUCKING AWESOME! I NEVER THOUGHT IT WOULD GET PAST 100!! Sorry for the excitement, I just- WOW! Anyway, as I promised, I am almost done, my 2nd year of school is almost finished therefore i can complete the second and go onto the third. Im sorry for the long wait ~Alec

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