Chapter 1:

I'm walking down the school hall way, when I felt an arm go around my waist. Before I could react I feel the warmth and comfort, from this familiar touch. I automatically know it's Chris my boyfriend. Seconds late I feel his warm lips plant a kiss upon my cheek. I look up at him and truly remember how lucky I am to have him. Chris was the guy I had a childhood crush on, and a few months ago he started noticing me and since then we have been in a relationship. The perfect relationship if you ask me.

"Hey, baby" he says taking my books from my hands and carrying them to my next class.

"Hey!" I replied with a smile.

When we walked in, I could feel the glares I always got from the girls. The were jealous because I wasn't a cheerleader but still got the sexiest, jock in school as my boyfriend. Oh, yeah I might have forgotten to mention he is the high school quarterback. But I just kept walking trying not to notice them even though it was extremely hard not to when I could hear the quiet whispers that were most likely about me.

"Ignore them baby, your the only one I want" Chris whispered in my ear, then with that he kissed my neck and we sat down in the back. I loved that he always knew what to say and when to say it. Its one of the reasons why were dating, we understood each other.

We waited for the teacher but she still wasn't here, I had heard my best friend Samantha tell me she was a bitch but I was hopping to bring out the sweet soft side of her. The tardy bell went off interrupting my train of thought but still not teacher in the bathroom. Chris turned to me and grabbed my hand in his and kissed my palm I gave him a small smile, then my eyes met his and it was sweet, he has chocolate brown eyes with a golden rim around them.

"I love you" he whispers.

"I love you too" I whispered and smile to him, then I turn my head when I hear all this whispering coming from the front. And there he was standing at the front really late.... Wait HE what the hell. I double checked my schedule to make sure I was in the right class room and it turns out I was but then who was he?

He was at least 6 ft, and had a light tanned skin, and a very muscular back, which showed he worked out on his free time. When he started to turn around we heard him say something...

"Hey class I'm Mr.Santiago and I'm your new teacher for the..." he stopped talking as soon as our eyes met it was different but in a good way... I think... For some odd reason Ijust couldn't keep my eyes off him or his very muscular body. He was just so breath taking I completely forgot about Chris or even the classmates it was just me and him and I think he seemed to realize it too.