Chapter Eight

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Jason, Will, Piper, and Nico watched as Percy sped off. "Damn it!" Jason yelled, stomping his feet and swinging his arm through the air angrily. Nico looked around quickly before saying, "This way!", and dragging the other three behind the hospital. The four found a dark, secluded corner of a small building behind the hospital. "I should be able to shadow travel us through this and to Camp. Probably." Nico sounded unsure but tried to keep his voice steady.

Everyone grabbed hands. Nico paused, wondering if he was really strong enough to do this. Will squeezes his hand lightly. "Hey. I have trust and faith in you. You got this, Neeks." Will comforted. Nico's cheeks turned a fiery red but nodded. "Ready?" Nico squeaked. Everyone chorused their agreement. "Here we go, then." Nico said, sprinting into the shadows.

Percy walked through the Camp Half-Blood birder, turning around and clicking the lock-button to lock his car...which wasn't allowed inside of Camp since the Pegasi were easily spooked. He quickly got to the Poseidon cabin, finding his big backpack and starting to load it with his things. Grab The Most of the Water, Percy. It's our first priority. Read through what you can by the time the others get back. Packing can wait a moment. Percy follow's Voice's suggestions, setting down his folded, black skinny jeans in favor of grabbing the book from under his pillow.

Percy had never read and consumed information as fast as he just did, reading about twenty pages (which is a lot for him) by the time he heard a knock on the door. Put the book in your bag, continue packing, and then tell them to come in. It'll make you less suspicious. Voice offered. Percy rushes around his cabin, shoving the book into his backpack and growling a loud, "Yes?!" Jason, Nico, Piper, Will, and Chiron burst into the cabin. "Percy, you need to think for a moment." Chiron suggested. Use your anger, now. Obliterate all who stand in your way.

"Think?!" Percy demanded. Everyone else flinched subconsciously. "My step-dad and only real father-figure in my life is in a coma because my real father just tried to murder him. And you have the audacity to tell me to stay calm?!" None of the others had ever seen Percy's eyes this dark and stormy prior to when he got off the call with Mrs. Quinn and now. "I'm leaving. I don't need any of this." Percy spat, shoving clothes into his backpack, hiding The Most of the Water underneath it. As Percy angrily zipped up his backpack and threw it over his shoulders, grabbing his car keys and phone, Chiron set a hand on his forearm in hopes to get his attention.

Well, he succeeded in that. Percy grabbed the centaur's wrist, digging his nails into the flesh, squeezing it so hard Chiron started to lose feeling in it. Don't- Don't harm him, Percy. Voice said quickly. Percy shoved Chiron's arm away from him, marching out the door....only to be met face-to-face with none other than Poseidon himself.

"Son, how are you?" Poseidon asked cheerfully, a large smile on his face. Percy was angry. No- he was fuming. He was livid. Suddenly, Jason and Nico appeared from behind him, restraining Percy's arms and leading him away from the god. "Let me go! Let me go, you bastards!" Percy yelled. You can easily overpower the both of them, idiot. Just use that strength you have. Percy followed Voice's command and grabbed onto the front of Nico's shirt, hoisting him into the air before throwing his body at the son of Jupiter, sending both children of the Big Three crashing to the ground. The two sat on the ground, stunned, as Percy raced towards his father.

Poseidon's features quirked into those of confusion before Percy was delivering a hard punch to the god's face. Demigods gasped and shouted, Chiron bounding out of the cabin and grabbing Percy. Percy thrashed in the centaur's arms. Voice, what do I do?! Percy demanded. The Voice has chosen that moment to go radio-silent once again.

Poseidon's eyes showed how furious he was, wiping the ichor leaking out of his nose with the back of his hand. "Perseus-" "You complete and utter asshole!" Percy screamed at him. Poseidon held his hand out, his combat trident quickly appearing in it. "You dare speak to a god that way?" Poseidon questioned, leveling the prongs with Percy's chest. "I dare speak to a coward that way." Percy snapped, finishing with spitting at Poseidon's feet.

"Release him." Poseidon ordered Chiron. "Lord Poseidon, my old friend-" "Now, Chiron!" Poseidon yelled at the centaur. "Don't speak to him that way!" Percy yelled at the god. Chiron quickly let go of Percy, backing up next to the line of demigods that had the god and his son surrounded. "This is your last chance, Percy. Back down and tell me what I have done to offend you." Poseidon warned. "You tried to murder my step-father." Percy hissed. Poseidon's eyes widened. Demigods gasped.

"Son-" "Don't call me son! What did Paul ever do to you?!" Percy yelled, drawing Riptide, demigods going even more on edge at the sight of the legendary blade. "He took what's mine!" Poseidon yelled back. "My mother?" Percy accused. Poseidon twirled the trident in his hands. "My mother is not yours, Poseidon." Percy spat the god's name like it was a horrible, unforgivable curse. "And she never will be."

Percy and Poseidon launched towards each other, Poseidon bringing the trident down in a large arc, only to be blocked by Percy twisting Riptide. The demigod spun the blade, slashing across Poseidon's stomach, watching as his shirt stained gold with ichor. Poseidon gasped and looked at his stomach. Percy continued the assault, slashing and attacking. Poseidon could barely keep up, parrying and blocking as much as he could.

With a strong blow to Percy's head, the demigod had fallen on his back, his father standing over him with the prongs of the trident at his chest. Overcome with rage, Percy screamed at the top of his lungs. Poseidon shot into the air, landing on his back on the ground twenty feet away. Percy slowly stood up, the earth shaking and quaking with every step he took. Riptide appeared in Percy's hand, the demigod leveling the sword point with his father's throat.

"Percy, no!" People yelled. "You are not my father. You are nothing but an obsessive coward." Percy slashes the blade across Poseidon's bicep as he turned and walked away, retrieving his fallen backpack.

"As long as you carry that sword, you are my son!" Poseidon yelled. Percy paused, clenching Riptide in his hands. Goodbye, old friend. He thought. Percy capped the sword, watching it return to pen form, and then tossed it in the air. It disappeared into nothingness. Percy turned and looked at Poseidon. "That sword does not connect me to you in any way. That connects me to Zoë Nightshade, one of the bravest people I've ever met. But look, now it's gone. Guess I'm no longer your son, huh?" With a quirk of his eyebrow, Percy attempted vapor traveling for the first time, picturing the small sandwich shop across the street from his apartment in his mind.

With a soft whoosh Percy Jackson was gone.

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