33. Nick

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Nick has stopped all conscious thought. Once Bailey's shorts are off, and he sees that she wasn't wearing anything underneath them, his brain is blank.

He bends down until his head is between her thighs, and feels the smooth skin on both sides of his neck. He looks up at her for permission, and she nods to him. She's biting her lip. She wants this, she's ready for this, but not as ready as he is.

He kisses her inner legs and brings his mouth to her core. She jumps slightly at the contact. He remembers that she's never done this before and knows he should go slow. As he flattens his tongue against her, licking up her slit, her thighs clamp around him. "Nick..."

He doesn't move his mouth from her. "Do you want me to stop?"

She moans a "no" and Nick continues his progress. He wraps his arms around her legs, spreading them further and feels the goosebumps traveling up and down them. He thrusts his tongue into her as far as it will go, and it is the sweetest thing he's ever tasted. It also earned him another moan. He will do whatever he can to make sure he keeps hearing that sound.

Blindly, he continues using his tongue along her until he finds her sensitive spot. He laps it up as she grabs his hair and pulls. Fuck, he loves it when she does that.

"Nick...oh my God." He watches as her eyes pop open and she throws her head back into the couch cushions. Her hips start moving up and down involuntarily, so he has to hold on tighter to keep from losing contact.

"Harder," she pants, and then, louder. "Harder, Nick."

"I don't want to be too rough with you."

"You won't be."

He responds by cupping his mouth into her, creating a suction. He sucks harder and then softer and watches her reactions. Her chest is heaving, back is arched and he can see her hard nipples through her shirt. Sweat is making her skin glow in the candlelight. He can feel his dick pulsing. This sight alone is making him want to come.

He plunges his middle finger into her and sees her suddenly gasping for breath. "Nick, fuck I'm close, don't stop."

And he doesn't. Instead, he adds a second finger to the mix and watches as she falls apart, screaming his name and writhing above him. He can taste even more of her sweetness hitting his mouth as he continues his motions until her muscles are limp with exhaustion.

He removes his hand and licks her completely, up and down, back and forth, cleaning the mess he created. He's never done anything like this at the end before, but he doesn't know if he'll ever be in this position again and wants to take in everything she can give him.

When he's done, he crawls up her body and rests his head on her chest. "How was it?"

She laughs with a shaky breath, causing his head to rise and fall. Instead of answering, she kisses the top of his head before shifting their positions, so he is on his back and she is straddling him. He doesn't know how she has so much energy suddenly.

She bends down to kiss him, bringing her tongue to his, but pulls back too soon. "It's a little odd tasting myself in your mouth."

"You don't have to..."

"I didn't say I didn't like it," she interrupts and brings their mouths together again.

"Well that's good because I hope you'll be tasting it again very soon," he says when they break apart again. He sees the look of surprise on her face for just a second before she composes herself. He doesn't know what made him say it, but his usual inhibitions are just...gone. And apparently he's going to blurt out every little thing that comes into his mind.

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