Chapter 15

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The Coming-of-age Ceremony And A Gift

Yun Shang didn't wake up until noon the next day. She had barely finished her lunch when a sharp voice announced, "His Majesty is here..."

Yun Shang stood up to welcome The Emperor. Although Emperor Ning was outside Qinxin Hall, his voice wafted into the chamber. "Shang'er, Master Wu Na said it is going to rain today, didn't he? But the sun is shining brightly. And there is no sign of rain. Right?"

Yun Shang went to greet The Emperor, "Don't worry, Your Majesty. Master Wu Na told me there would be no rain until dusk."

Emperor Ning went to the middle of the chamber, and sat on a chair. He sighed with a frown, "You went to Ning'guo Temple and brought back Master Wu Na's holy decree. Though many people respect Master Wu Na, today is Hua Jing's Coming-of-age Ceremony. It is her right to have a proper ceremony. But everything has been cancelled just because of this holy decree. Though Hua Jing made a mistake yesterday, and has been under house arrest since, she is, after all, the Princess Royal in this country. Of course, it's good if it rains later. But if it doesn't, I'm afraid that some people will take this as an opportunity to find fault with you. Then, instead of blaming Master Wu Na, they would suspect that you designed all of this on purpose..."

Yun Shang knelt on a chair and used her elbow to prop herself up on the table. She smiled as she looked at Emperor Ning. "To rain or not to rain? It's just a matter of time. And, father, Master Wu Na mentioned that there should be no grand ceremony. Your Majesty can still hold a humble ceremony for sister. Perhaps you can release sister and mother, and invite a few senior officials and their family members? After all, a Coming-of-age Ceremony is important to a girl. Sister shouldn't be treated shabbily."

Emperor Ning looked at Yun Shang for a long while. Then he reached out with his hand to fondle her hair. He spoke in a gentle tone, "You are so grown up. And so quickly as well. Just in a short while, as fleeting as a blink you have become so intelligent."

Yun Shang giggled and jumped from the chair. "Today is the Coming-of-age Ceremony for sister, a big day. I'll wear my most beautiful dress. I cannot bring shame to mother and sister..." Your Majesty, please send your royal decree as soon as possible. Call anyone important to you to partake in sister's ceremony."

Emperor Ning was a little bit at a loss after hearing those words. Raising his eyebrows, he said, "Shang'er is capable enough to send her father, The Emperor on an errand?" He paused for a short while and, after checking his smile, he looked at Yun Shang, "Shang'er, did't you feel angry yesterday when your sister blamed her own fault on you?"

A ray of shimmer shone in Yun Shang's eyes. She said with a smile, "Father, sister has always been nice to me. She must have done it for a reason that was out of her control. There is a saying. I cannot remember when I heard it, but I remember the saying. It goes, a family in peace generates auspiciousness. Your Majesty is so busy and so tired with affairs of the court, so sister and I must treat each other nicely and live in peace. We cannot let Your Majesty be worried."

"A family in peace generates auspiciousness." Emperor Ning repeated it twice. Feeling an ache in his heart, he looked down at Yun Shang, "You are my good girl..." He smiled at Yun Shang, and then continued, "All right. I'll give the order. You go and change your dress."

Yun Shang swept a courtesy, "Take care, Your Majesty."

Yun Shang returned into the chamber after Emperor Ning's figure had faded into the distance. Qin Yi, who had been waiting by the side, frowned and said, "Your Imperial Highness, it was not easy to put Princess Hua Jing and Empress under house arrest. How can you help them be pardoned? Just one day has passed. It will be impossible to send them back once they are free."

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