He knew it was.

He knew it would never happen.

Yet, he pushed her, and tested his luck nevertheless.

She thought of the day she fell from the cliffs, the day Harry first saved her.

As Zayn watched the scene play out in her mind, he couldn’t help but find it ever so ironic. Harry was like her angel, sent by the devil himself to save the bright and innocent girl who had, somehow, stolen the devil’s love.

It was even funnier that he was the reason Harry and Evelyn met.

And now, Harry had something even Zayn, the almighty King didn’t have.

The thought awakened a murderous side of him. Harry Styles, you ungrateful fucking bαstard! How dare you steal from your master, your King? I was the one who saved you from the streets; I was the one who gifted you immortality, who gifted you a chance at life. Without me, you would have been nothing more than a sad, pathetic orphan who died on another street corner and nobody would have cared!

She cares for you, my darling Evelyn cares for you! Yet you and Venice teamed up and allowed Ethan to fuck my girl? What are you playing, you stupid, stupid child? Why did you help Venice? What was so special about that one night? Why did you rescue Ethan from the dungeons just for one night? What—two pieces of the same puzzle clicked together.

Zayn felt a chill wash over him.

No… Why…? But…?

Zayn felt like an idiot for not connecting the two dots sooner.

He wanted to slap himself for ignoring something that was so obvious, hidden in plain sight… But even though he knew why Venice had planned for Ethan and Evelyn to spend a night together, he didn’t know why the reason was so special.

But none of that mattered when he heard Evelyn silently whisper the name Harry.


One simple word, a word that would have meant nothing taken out of context… But when it came from Evelyn’s mind, after everything that had happened, it was a word that almost broke Zayn’s heart, again, for the millionth time since he met her.

The innocent human launched had another knife into his immortal heart.

She gifted him yet another scar, another painful memory, another excruciating reminder that she wasn’t his.

It should have hurt more, it should have hurt a lot more, if Zayn didn’t already knew Harry would be one of her last thoughts.

No matter how much he wished he wasn’t, he was Zayn Malik, and he knew everything. It used to be a thing he loved about himself, but recently, some of the things he knew, he would give the world to unknown.

But nothing escaped his ever-so-observant eyes and the eyes of his loyal minions.

He was the King after all; he ruled the world with an iron fist.

Knowledge was power, and he was the most powerful being to ever walk the planet Earth.

Maybe I enjoy the pain; he wanted to laugh at himself as he watched her fall, as the name of his protégée—the man whom he had assigned to protect her—echoed in her mind. Maybe I enjoy reminding myself that even though I have you here, in the flesh, I shall never have your heart, your soul, your love. You will never allow a monster like I own a piece of your precious, untainted soul. My sweet Evie… will I ever own a piece of your heart?

It was painful knowing he and Harry were both vampires. But Evelyn was able to overcome her prejudice of Harry and unknowingly, learnt how to love him.

Zayn held back his tears as he, too, leaped off the building.

He wasn’t going to let his darling die.

Of course not, no matter how many tiny pieces she shatters his heart into, Zayn will never stop loving her. He will never give up hope for her heart.

For she was the reason for his life… she was everything he wanted. She brought out both the good and the bad from within him. The demons and angels sang enchanting melodies to him, each trying to tempt him, sway him to side with one…

He was siding with the demons in secret, but pretending he was siding with the angels to Evelyn.

The conversation they just had was still echoing in his ears. Their sweet, aftertaste hadn’t worn off just yet. All of their promises of change made Zayn’s perfect, idealistic dreams for the future more possible than ever.

He wasn’t going to give Evelyn up.

Even if Harry had stolen her heart, he refused to give up on her.

She was his.

And if Harry were to choose to stand between them, then Zayn would find a way of eliminating that obstacle. If he couldn’t kill Harry, for her sake, then he would find another way of eliminating Harry; like Zayn would do for Ethan, also.

After all, the devil was most feared for his ruthlessness, his merciless ways to bend realities and achieve his goals.

She was everything he ever wanted anything in his life.

If Zayn had the universe at his feet, what kind of King would he be, what kind of happiness would he possess if he had no one to share with?

He caught her.

Barely a second after she escaped from within his arms, he caught her.

He was channeling the ancient magic that laced his blood, using it to infuse the precious ring on his finger, and then utilizing the telekinesis abilities of his old friend Duncan.

The two were floating, high up in the air, breaking the laws of gravity with the power of magic. An invisible and intangible force field surrounded their bodies, keeping them afloat.

Evelyn’s mind was a mess, but thankfully, as Zayn dug through the jumbled and frightened thoughts, he found no trace of a subject he feared he would find.

She knows nothing of the miracles, occurring in her own body… not yet, Zayn thought, and it was a thought that brought him joy, because it meant he still had time, time to fix things, time to destroy what may ruin them before she finds out. I won’t lose you. I won’t share you. Not with anyone. You are mine, your body, your soul, your love and all of your emotions are mine.



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