Chapter 84

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For those of you asking, Jonah's last name is Malik is because he was raised and saved by Zayn. Zayn give Jonah his last name because Jonah didn't have one. 

Oh, I changed the cast again haha


Her body went into a panic mode as Zayn’s sinister smile disappeared from her sight, and in its place was a tilted image of the Utopia skyline.

The tower with the purple lights shone brightly in the distance; Harry was there.

Everything was in slow motion.

She felt rushed of blood in her ear, and her heartbeats were like thunder.

The moral-less ground awaited her at the end of her journey…

Is this the end? A full yet meaningless circle of life…? Evelyn thought as she fell.

Without meaning to do so, her mind went back to the day on the cliffs, it was day she and Harry first met, and it was the day he saved her.




Some people crave it, some people fear it, and some people are stuck in the middle.

It is extraordinary how powerful death is.

Over his three millenniums, Zayn had learnt that even the bravest of warriors feared death.

But it’s not because they fear the end: not at all.

They fear death because of its uncertainty, of the nothingness that may lay beyond, of the next to nothing they knew about death.

If you were made to choose between an eternity of chaos and an eternity of nothingness, which would you choose?

As Zayn pushed her off the edge of the building, he watched her expression carefully.

He was silently analyzing every movement of her facial muscle and what body languages there were to read.

He listened to the pitch of her scream and the rate of her heart beats. But he kept most of his attention in her mind, listening to her thoughts.

Sure, his blood was slowly leaving her system and losing their effect, but he could still gather colossal amounts of information if he concentrated hard enough.

Plus, the human mind reacts differently when it believes its life is ending.

When there are no aftermaths to worry about, no consequences to face and no threats looming over your walls, they will tumble down, and leave your mind exposed to those who knew how to pick at the carcass.

Death is like the first rain of spring, it comes in and it cleanses you of all your worries and fear. Everything dimmers when you’re faced with death…

Sometimes, you could learn more from observing a person during those last moments than observing them for an eternity.

And that was exactly what Zayn was doing.

He was observing her, listening to what she believed were her final thoughts. A small part of Zayn feared what he may hear, but another was dying with curiosity.

Please, don’t let the name of another man be your last thought. My Sweet Evelyn, don’t break my heart, don’t shatter my hopes and dreams for you, he thought. Please, let me be your last thought. Please, say my name, say my name, Evie, my sweet, darling Evie. Allow yourself to indulge in your deepest and darkest desires and make me the happiest man alive by giving me a place in your heart. Is that too much to ask…?

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