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Sakura's P.O.V

As I walked ahead where the Ichirakus Ramen was located. I heard some familiar voices. I couldn't make out what they were saying so I walked closer to the small curtains in the enterance and listened carefully distinguishing the voices . I heard some hurtful things that they were saying about me and I was heartbroken to because they were my friends and especially Naruto and Ino.

"Sakura cant do anything but cry, thats all she's good for," Ino laughed.

"Yeah she never does anything she's useless on missions to," Naruto said agreeing sith her. It was another knife to my chest.

Everyone made a noise in agreement. I couldnt take one second of it. What makes me different from them? The next thing I knew and surprised me was Hinata who stood up for me. She was never the kind to speak up, she was always the shy, caring girl.

"Sakura-san isn't useless nor weak or annoying, she works hard and trained with lady tsunade, one of the strongest sannin and kunoichi, so dont be oppening your mouth and say that Sakura isn't strong beacause she is strong. I've seen her train before and she can prove you all wrong. You dont know anything about her because you all think of the past so get over yourselves!"

Hinatas sudden outburst surprised konoha 11. They all had their mouths opened in shock at an angered Hinata. Who knew she had it in her. I smirked at the rest who were still trying to understand the situation. At least I know who my real Friend is and that's all that matters.

"Hinata i'm sorr-"

"I dont want to hear your lame excuses from you Naruto. I expected better from you. She's your damn teamate for damn sake. As for the rest, you should all feel ashamed of yourselves." Hinata glared at them directly in their eyes and ran out of the min restaurant angered.

I stepped away quickly to be out of sight turning around until I heard footsteps behind me.

"Sakura is - is that you?"

I turned around nervously with my head tilted aside.

"Yeah its me. By the way i heard what you said and thank you. I am so lucky to be your friend hinata. You always look for good in people." I smiled with teary eyes.

Hinata blushed shaking her head,"No problem Sakura thats what friends are for."

"Yeah you're right, I'll see you soon maybe we can hang out when we both aren't busy, Bye hinata!"

"Yeah ok bye Sakura".

Once I was farther away I wiped my tears that I had without realising. Hinata is such a sweet and nice girl any guy would be lucky to have her. While the rest....they aren't friends to have. I don't know what I could possibly have done wrong for them to hate me so much.

What a day it has been and it is starting to be one of my worst nightmares. Sasuke's arrival has me surprised. I don't understand why he is here it's not like he wants to be here. Something is up and I have to figure it out. Him being rescued willingly isnt something that he would do or would he?

Afterawhile of walking around taking a breather I got hungry.

I arrived in front of the Hokage tower without realsing my destination and just walked inside to meet with lady tsunade. As I reached the the door and and heard a "come in" I walked in but once I looked up from the floor My eyes landed on a certain somone.

There stood Sasuke and his team.

"Sakura what brings you here?"Lady tsunade asked.

"Oh I was just wondering if there is anything that I can do to help you with," I said avoiding Sasuke's eyes on me.

"Actually there is, I want you to take Sasuke, Jugo and Suigetsu to their apartment to stay at and karin will be having a different apartment. I'll give you the papers to where the apartments are at." This was the least that I had in mind. Tgere was no way he was here but how? Why is he back? His return doesn't change things.

"Is that all malady"

"Yea that will be all, everyone is dissmissed."

I walked out and turned to face Sasukes's team, "Alright follow me."

The walk was silent and tge tension was awkward and tense until karin interupted the silence.

"Hey why do you have such a large forehead?"

What a way to start a god damn conversation.

"I don't know I wonder why you have four eyes?" I said coldly not feeling the mood.

"Hahahaha you hear that karin you just got your butt burned hahaha," said Suigetsu who was laughing uncontrollably.

"Rrhrr SHUT UP SUIGETSU THATS NOT FUNNY" said karin with a tick mark on her head.

"Yes it is Karin" said suigetsu trying to control his laughter.


"I like you pinky your fiesty, roar!" Said suigetsu with a wink.

I glared at him hard witg my emerald eyes annoyed of both of them.

"Suigetsu, katin shut up" said an annoyed sasuke. Wow it speaks.

"But sasuke-kun he started it" karin said accusingly at suigetsu.

"I dont care who started it just shut up," he said sharply and karin sulked.

"Well this is it. This your apartment, here are your keys" I said throwing them to sasuke and the seperate one to Karin. Without any other word I walked away.

My day couldn't get any worse.

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