Chapter 45 ~Louis~

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Liked by @harrystyles @niallhoranofficial @RealLiamPayne and 8,963,974 more

louist91 So fuckin excited! ❤

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Gemmastyles I can't wwwaaaiiiitttt!!!

niallhoranofficial @harrystyles @louist91 I call dibs on God father!

Realliampayne Shut it Niall, congratulations Lou! @louist91 @niallhoranofficial

zayn Woohooo! Baby Tomlinson-Styles! @harrystyles @louist91

Larryislouisxharry omfgggg!! The baby's hereeeee!!!!!!

annetwist I cant wait to meet my grandbaby!!😍 @harrystyles @louist91

HarryUpdates Yyyeeeeesssssssssssssssssssssss

E!news Ooh congrats, can't wait to see this baby!!

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