Chapter Thirteen Pt. Two

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Groaning irritably at the sun shining in my eyes, I tried cuddling further under my covers. The sound of something falling though made me squint my eyes open.

I stared at the black leather seat in front of me for a good minute before I shot up into a sitting position. Groaning loudly, I grabbed my head at the pounding inside of it.

"I'm gonna puke." I realized, my words slurred as I fumbled to get the seat in front of me up and the car door opened. I didn't make it all the way and was only half out of the car when I started puking. It was horrible. The taste, the smell, the burning. It made me throw up even more.

A hand brushed my hair out of my face as I was dry heaving with nothing else to throw up. Spitting, I sat back in the car with a blinding headache and a disgusting taste in my mouth.

Blinking, I turned to look at Robby who was staring at me. He looked like he always does. Messy hair, wrinkled shirt. The male turned from me and pulled his phone out of his pocket, cursing lowly.

"I'm gonna run into the store real quick."

His voice made my head ache all the more. I wanted him to shut up but I didn't want to talk. So I stayed silent and he got the message. He shut the door softly behind him and I watched him walk into the 7-Eleven. Why were we here? Why were we sleeping in the car?

Looking around for answers, the only thing in the car besides Robby's leather jacket was an empty bottle of alcohol. The sight of it made me feel like I was going to puke again.

What the hell did we do last night?

Thinking back, I remember Robby yelling irritably at me as I tried driving. I yelled back at him before giving up and letting him drive. I went to my first party! Yes, I remember that. Well...I remember some of it. I don't remember leaving or falling asleep in the back of Robby's car.

Werewolf parties were a lot crazier than the ones you see in movies. My innocence had been tainted by the activities taking place. Robby hadn't even blinked. Like it was a normal everyday thing for him. It probably is, we're talking about Robby here. Everyone there was excited when he showed up but that wasn't surprising. What was however, was how accepting everyone was of my presence. I remember being dragged off by some girls wanting to take shots.

Oh Goddess, I'm going to puke again.

Robby found me with my head hanging out the car's window in fear that I'd puke inside of it. Plus the cool air felt good on my sweaty face. I perked up some at the smell of greasy food.

"Here, take this." He handed me a blue Gatorade with two Advil capsules.

I did as he said and continued sipping on the drink. We didn't talk. Robby handed me pickles to eat before passing over a tray of cheese and chili nachos. I don't know if they were really that good but in that moment they tasted like the best things I've ever eaten. I moaned, stuffing the salty chips in my mouth.

Robby paused in eating his hamburger and pulled out his vibrating phone. Whoever it was, he ignore it and stuffed the phone back in his pocket. "My dad keeps calling, something must be wrong." He said, starting up the car.

"I'll go with you." I said, too scared to go home and face my own parents who would know by now that I had snuck out. Maybe I could say I was pup-napped. I mean, someone did come through my window and persuaded me to come with them.

Robby chuckled. "Scared?" He asked. I glared at him before stuffing another chip in my mouth. I wanted to go back to sleep. My body ached and I felt like I'd fallen down a flight of stairs.

"What exactly did we do last night?" I asked, looking out the window. We weren't far from the pack house, just on the edge of town.

"Ugh..." Robby scratched his head, his brows pinched. "We drunk, a lot."

"No shit." I said grumpily. So far he wasn't telling me anything I hadn't already guessed.

"I don't really remember much?" He admitted. "This morning I woke up and we were still parked in their driveway, so I drove to the gas station and fell asleep."

"What an amazing story to tell." I said sarcastically.

Robby only chuckled. The ride was quiet and I was thankful. My head still hurt a little and my eyes were heavy. I was nodding off when he pulled up to the pack house.

"Oh fuck." Robby said lowly.

I looked at him before looking at the house. It looked like half the pack was standing outside. Including the Alpha and Luna. At the sight of Robby's car, they all turned towards us.

"Actually, I'd like to go home first." I said, looking past the pack members to the house covered in toilet paper.

"A little too late for that." Robby said.

I slipped down further into the seat when I spotted the Luna coming towards the car. An expression on her face worse than when I knocked over her grandfathers urn. It was downright frightening.

"Robert Lee Killian."

"We didn't do this, right?" I asked.

"No, definitely not...we were at a party." Robby didn't sound so sure and I was shaking by time the Luna pulled open the drivers side door. "Hey mom, what happened?"

"What happened?!" She screeched. "Did you suddenly forget the house has cameras?!" Oh she was really mad. Her face was turning red. I flenched when her eyes leveled on me. "And you, you're in just as much trouble!"

I felt like I was six again and wrote on mom's counters with marker. I refused to go into the kitchen for weeks after mom got to me.

"Mom, there's no way we could have done this." Robby said, looking between his mom and the house. Even the tree in the yard had toilet paper thrown over it and wrapped around the bottom.

"Get inside, both of you."

While we were getting out of the car I spotted the Alpha trying to hold back his laughter. He wasn't doing such a good job.

Robby didn't look so scared. He looked as nonchalant as ever. This was all this fault! Why did he have to come knocking on my window? I did kind of agree to come with him. But he took me to a party. My mom's going to kill me if the Alpha doesn't.

The Luna led us into the Alpha's office and he came in after we'd sat down in front of the desk.

"Did you two have fun last night?" He asked, sitting down in front of us. I stared at him with wide eyes, having never been in here before. It was worse than being sent to the principals office. When neither of us answered, he did something on his computer and turned the monitor towards us.

I watched the grainy footage of me carrying a huge package of toilet paper down the street before stumbling into the packs yard. I fell over and landed on the package. Robby walked into the footage laughing at me. He even put his hands on his knees as if he'd seen the funniest thing ever. The Alpha sped it up some and switched to a different camera that showed the front of the house. I threw the first roll of toilet paper.

The Alpha turned the video off and I looked up at him. He started at me for all of a second before I started bawling. Robby snickered from beside me and the Luna slapped him in the head.

"I'm sorry! Please don't kick me out of the pack." I pleaded through my tears. "I promise it won't happen again. I'm never hanging out with Robert again!"

"I'm not kicking you out, Torin." Alpha said with a smirk. "But both of you are going to go clean up your mess without any help."

I nodded, wiping my eyes and glaring at Robby so the Alpha couldn't see. I wasn't kidding. I'm never hanging out with Robert Killian again.

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