Chapter 33-The Time Has Come

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-A Quarter-Moon After Chapter 32-

Ravenheart was glad to be back in the Holeclan camp. Soon, moments from now, I will be in it. Darktail shall soon fall.

The warm sunshine struck his golden brown fur as he stepped out from the tunnels into the camp. His amber eyes saw the familiar sight of the vast pit in a hill that was where he has lived for the past few moons.

A large cheer emitted from the cats who were the moment he stepped forth. Ravenheart felt slightly awkward for being the center of attention.

Rockstar padded forth from his den. "Welcome back, Ravenheart. Half a moon you were gone, just as you promised. Shall we talk more in my den?"

Ravenheart nodded. A swift heartbeat later, he was sitting in Rockstar's den.."How has Holeclan been?" Ravenheart asked.

"It has been very fine." Rockstar answered. "We have all just been wait for your return."

"As have I." Ravenheart said.

"So, has your father made you leader of Marshclan?" Rockstar inquired.

"Yes," Ravenheart answered, "But unfortunately one of Starktail's rogues rushed in and took all of my father's lives in on stroke. Then he ran."

"I am so sorry for you." Rockstar sympathized.

"Sometimes sacrifices must be made." Ravenheart admitted. "But now that Blazelan, Valleyclan, and Marshclan shall stand  united, Brookclan shall soon be over run, followed by Lakeclan. It is inevitable."

"Starktail may be smart." Rockstar agreed. "But she vastly underestimates what we can do. Hope overpowers fear. Evil shall always be defeated until the end of days."

"Another thing," Ravenheart changed subjects, "Thanks for that advice."

Rockstar"s blue eyes lit up with realization. "Which advices?"

Ravenheart's pelt hot. " know....."

Rockstar purred in amusement. "So are you admitting that taking advice from another tom, one with experience was not so bad after all?"

"Respect your elders they always said." Ravenheart said.

"So, what advice though? You got to tell me!" Rockstar demanded. "A tom growing old like me tends to forget things you know!"

"Well, the advice about how to tell a she-cat that you love her." Ravenheart explained.

"I presume it worked?" Rockstar asked.

"Yes, yes it did." Ravenheart began. "We say side by side by the stream, gazing into the night. Everything was peaceful. A connection just formed and we just locked eyes. I told her that I love her. And loved me back....."

"Who is this lucky she-cat?" Rockstar want to know.

"She was the Valleyclan cat that has been helping us." Ravenheart reluctantly revealed

"A relationship with a cat from another clan is forbidden and usually doesn't work out." Rockstar warned. "But with approval with the ancestors and a time of turmoil ahead of us all, who really knows?"

"I hope so as well." Ravenheart agreed.

"You are very young for a leader." Rockstar observed.

Ravenheart nodded. "Indeed I am. I will do my best to defeat Starktail. If I must, I shall resign afterward for I still have much to learn."

Rockstar told a cat to get them some prey before continueing on. "Life finds a way to challenge us all."

"Our ancestors work in very mysterious and subtle ways, but they are for the good of the clans."  mewed Ravenheart. "But change of subject. There are a few secret that you as clan leader must know. Do not anyone else."

Rockstar's eyes went dark. "I will do that. Tell me what I need to know."

"You may hear stories in Valleyclan about the evil Brightwing who resides in The-Realm-Of-Banishment." Ravenheart explained. "Know this: She is who told you that it was time to return. Fear her not. This is our ancestors mercy of giving her salvation. She has truly changed."

"I see." Rockstar nodded. "And I assume that she has guided you and your mate?"

"Yes, yes she has, but with good intentions. Some of our methods are..... unconventional to say the least." Ravenheart whispered.

"Where does murder fall into this?" Rockstar simply said.

"We do not like it." Ravenheart replied. "It is wrong. But sometimes, if it nessacary."

"I believe we should prepare for tonight's journey back to Valleyclan." Rockstar quickly said, changing subjects. "Prepare your speech."

Ravenheart nodded as they ate the prey that they had just received.

Ravenheart stood once more before the clan as he had done once before, before he had left. The sun's dwindling rays were slowly sinking beneath the hill that contained Holeclan. They are leaving behind everything they have ever known in hopes of fulfilling the dreams and hopes of their grandparents, and the parents of them.

His amber eyes washes over the familiar land of faces that was before him. He felt that he could not quite do this, but he spoke as boldly as he could regardless.

"Cats of Holeclan," Ravenheart started, "Your time to rejoin Valleyclan has come. I now lead Marshclan, so once Valleyclan is strong and proper once more, we all, along Blazelan, we shall soon defeat the treacherous Starktail  thus allowing peace for all the clans once more."

"It will be hard to leave your home, but you shall soon truly be at home.  Our ancestors have willed it. Never before has such an opportunity presented itself. We stand here tonight to take it. You have been trained by me, and thus I will guide you as well."

"As my father once told me: We go into the darkness of night, and we shall emerge in the lightness. Valleyclan shall be reborn with the help of Holeclan, Blazelan, and Marshclan."

"Darktail, no matter how smart she may be, shall be no match for us all. Now, let us go forth under the the quarter-moon to victory!"

The cats before him let out a cauterwall of excitement and joy. They fear the future, but they have the courage to fade it.

The cats quickly all filtered into the tunnel system in an orderly manner. Rockstar gave Ravenheart a warm gaze of approval as Ravenheart left the Holeclan camo for the last time. The time has come for Valleyclan to be ridded of its evil once and for all.

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