Chapter 32-Confessions

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-The Same Time As The End Of Chapter 31-

Sunclaw wouldn't have believed the sight that lay before her, had she not seem it with her own eyes. Before her we're Sage-eye and a cat from Marshclan named Ravenheart. They are in a lovers embrace over the murder of an innocent elder? What is this madness? I only came out here by my brother's request to check on them, and I find this!

"Hello, Sunclaw." Sage-eye greeted. "We have been waiting for you to you to meet us."

Sunclaw slowly went forth forward to stand in front of Sage-eye. "What have you done?" she growled.

"I have rightfully killed him," Sage-eye calmly replied, "For he killed my mother and is too much of an influence in the new Valleyclan that I shall soon bring about."

"Everyone suffering just to change a few is not fair." Sunclaw said. "And whatever happened to your promise to work together with me?"

Sunclaw suddenly felt teeth grip her skin, dragging her to the ground. She could not get up, for the Marshclan tom was pinning her down.She is going to kill me to! Why did I not run when I had the chance!

She turned her green eyes to meet the very close eyes of Sag-eye, feeling terror burst inside of her. "Don't kill me!" Sunclaw pleaded. "Do you have no mercy?"

Sage-eye gave a short burst of amusement. "Of course not." she said. "I'm simply going to get you exiled from Valleyclan. Now you shall no longer be among us, traitor. No more spying for Starktail!"

 I'm not a spy! What is wrong with her?  "Where did you get that notion from?" Sunclaw asked. "I've never worked for Starktail!"

"Oh, yes you have!" Sage-eye growled. "You used to be my friend. But then, because Starktail has infected you, you betrayed me to ruin my life! Why else would he do so? You took advantage of Birchstar's fear of Starktail!" 

I promised to keep what secrets I had. But I only exist now to stop Starktail. I have no family or clan to protect anymore. These secrets should change her mind!  "Brightwing has twisted your mind, Burnscar! You cannot see the truth!"

"That is not my name!" Sage-eye hissed. "Just more proof of how you betrayed me! Brightwing has rightfully guided me. Sometimes murder is the only way! It is you who cannot see the truth as a traitor to Valleyclan!"

"How ignorant are you?" Sunclaw screamed. "Birchstar tricked me into betraying you! Do you not know her? Starktail killed your mother when she started the fire with those so-called rogues! I have spied for her, but only because she would kill her family otherwise! How blind are you?"

"So you do work for her!" Sage-eye countered. "Those were rogues under her command, and it was Stonestar who injured my mother. You simply finished the job as the ruthless minion of Starktail. I may kill, but I do so for the greater good of Valleyclan. Not even I like it, unlike you."

"You are beyond hopeless!" Sunclaw said. "The only reason I exist now is to stop Starktail! She had tricked me has much as she has you! She made me lose my family and clan for trying to stop her."

"You only are within the clan for Starktail!" Sage-eye said. "You cannot see beyond what she tricked you into becoming for her. You kill just for her, out of joy. It causes me pain to kill."

"Brightwing is evil!" Sunclaw fought. "You have seen her many times in The-Realm-Of-Banishment! How do you not know? She tricked me once before our ancestors revealed to me the truth! The prophecy she gave me is fake!"

"You lie." Sage-eye said. "You made that prophecy up as a ploy to get the clans to accept Starktai. I will not fall for your games! You do not think either. Brightwing has had plenty of time to think over her mistakes in The-Realm-Of-Banishment. Her idea to change the clan was right, she just did it the wrong way. I am doing it the right way now."

"There must be a solution other then murder! Murder is wrong no matter what." Sunclaw vainly argued.

"I know this." Sage-eye said. "Sometimes rules are meant to be broken, bent, and interpreted."

"You truly are evil!" Sunclaw snarled.

"And so are you." Sage-eye countered. "I may be evil, but at least I know it. I do what I believe in like so many others. Future generations may hate me, but I do not care. At present, I do this for them."

"By working with another killer from another clan?" Sunclaw argued. "How can killing a cat pain you if you can proclaim your love while doing so?"

"Sometimes," Ravenheart spoke up, "Love comes about mysterious ways. Killing Stonestar made us work together at last, and we hit the right cord."

"It's nefarious and revolting!" Sunclaw spat.

"It is, but sometimes you just have to accept thing how they happen." Ravenheart admitted.

Sunclaw could see the love in Ravenheart's amber eyes. "What do you work with her for?"

"I do it to help her stop Starktail." Ravenheart said. "And everyone needs a friend. Brightwing brought is together."

"Are you deaf?" Sunclaw raged. "She is evil!"

"But what is good and evil?" Ravenheart challenged. "Good is what is fair and what is generally accepted as right. Evil is the opposite of that. But it is a very trippy and blurry line. Sometimes there is no difference. And fairness is just what is we wish for, it is part our survival instincts."

"You're as twisted as Burnscar!" Sunclaw felt a jolt of pain when she said that.

"That's not her name!" Ravenheart growled, lashing out his claws down  Sunclaw's pelt.

"You only say that because you love her!" Sunclaw accused. "Sage-eye is already loved by my brother, Badger-rose. You shouldn't be her mate for you are from a different clan."

"We do not care." Sage-eye spoke. "We are mates to death in this world, and mates for eternity afterward. I will simply have to tell l Badger-rose that I like him as a friend and nothing more. Not all romances work out."

"You two are beyond any recovery!" Sunclaw yowled. "Brightwing has made you sick and twisted beyond repair!"

"No, that what Starktail has made of you." Sage-eye argued.

Sunclaw felt her heart break in pieces. Who am I now? This is what has become of Sage-eye. The world is upside now. I am too obsessed with her. I only realize it now. Birchstar was right. I am in love her. It is improper that I, a she-cat love another she-cat. But it is the truth.

"I have one last thing to say to you." Sunclaw spoke to Sage-eye.

"And what useless thing is that?" Sage-eye retorted.

This is hard to say, but I must say it. "The truth is.....I think that I love you, Sage-eye." Sunclaw revealed. "I know that it is very untraditional, but it is I truth that I have realized about myself."

Sage-eye's face showed irritation. "You expect me to love you back after all you have done? How twisted are you? The untradition I am fine with, but your actions ruined any chances that you ever had! This talk is over!"

"The The Moon Meeting has ended now. You will be caught for Stonestar's murder, both of you!" Sunclaw warned.

"Oh no we won't." Sage-eye said. "We already have a plan for that, as you'll soon see. Goodnight now!"

Sunclaw only then realized the reality of why she had been lured here. But just as she did, a powerful blow was dealt to he head. She last saw a hazy pile of sand before entering the void of blackness. Why has my life been completely shattered..........

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