Chapter 31-Murder Under The Moonlight

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-Night, Same Day As Chapter 30-

Sage-eye was laying down in her nest in the warriors den. The silent night was one of covered in warm, moist air. A glowing full moon showed. Tonight, I shall at last be with Ravenheart in real life at last! What a monumental night this shall be. Soon, the pieces will fall into place that will cause Darktail to fall.

A good portion of the clan was at The Moon Meeting. Just her, the elders. a few warriors, were in the camp. Sunclaw was also here just in case said patrol got any injuries. A patrol was night hunting by the Blazeclan border. Sage-eye examined the camp with her violet eyes. This is the right night, as most of the clan is gone.

She got up and stalked her way over to Elder's Log. There, as usual, was Stonestar peering into the star lit void. He turned his blue eyes to her, his face solemnly. "What do you want, Burnscar?" Stonestar asked.

"I wish to take you on a walk." Sage-eye replied. "You never get to take one around this time as no one is ever with you. I just thought that it would be a nice bonding experience for us."

"Well.....a walk in the night would be nice." Stonestar agreed.

Sage-eye led the black and white elder to the camp entrance, where Badger-rose stood on duty. After being told of what she and the elder were doing, he let them go by. Don't be gone too long, he had said.

Stonestar looked alive once more once he entered into the forest. He touched his nose out to smell what their was. He moved his head around to get a good glimpse of what their was. He is happy for once.

"It is unfortunate that you had to kill your daughter." Sage-eye spoke up. "But then again, she was mad, having killed a cat for just no reason out of nowhere."

"I do not regret it." Stonestar coldly replied. "She deserved it for her crimes. She was wrong about how this clan works. What we do is fair. Rewards are in proportion with how much one works."

"I see." Sage-eye said,

They continued in quietness until they reached a very familiar sandy shore by a rushing stream. Sage-eye felt satisfaction as she saw Stonestar remember that this ws where he had killed Brightwing. She knew that Ravenheart was close by, his scent disguised.

"Shall we go sit and enjoy the pleasure of the sounds of night?" Sage-eye suggested.

"Fine. Whatever makes you happy, Burnscar." Stonestar flimsily said.

So they went down to the bank of the stream and sat down. The wind began to pass by. The splashing of fish in the stream could be heard. Out there, somewhere in the forest, an owl cried out into the night. It was peaceful.

Sage-eye slightly turned her head. She saw that Ravenheart was slinking across the sandy shore. He walked up right to Stonestar before the elder even noticed him. Then he out his claws on Stonestar's neck, the back of it.

"Not a sound, old cat." Ravenheart ordered. "For we have some things to talk about."

Ravenheart's amber eyes meet Sage-eye's deep blue ones. It is time.

"What did you bring me out here for then, really?" Stonestar quietly hissed. "To murder me? How evil are you, Burnscar? You won't get away with this, killing me with this serial killer Marshclan clan cat here."

"Oh, but what is it but a murder?" Sage-eye retorted. "I shall get away with it. This shall be very personal for both of us."

Stonestar tried to run at that moment. Ravenheart quickly tackled him. Then he quickly executed the move on the elder's neck that few knew. Now Stonestar could not speak or move his body.

Sage-eye looked into Stonestar's fear filled, fluttering blue eyes. "You have caused my much pain in my life, Stonestar. You killed my mother when you has the chance. This is my revenge. But that is not all."

"I shall soon fix our clan and purge it of the unfair worth system. You are in the way, too much of an influence. So shall die for your clan. You are in pain for the good of your clan. Sandclaw will join you too, but on her own account. I know that she could not live without you."

"Lastly," Sage-eye went on, "You shall die where you killed your daughter. I am here to finish way she started: Making our clan good once more. It's all very symbolic, don't you think? Now let us began. Do not worry, for your death will not be in vain."

Sage-eye slowly clawed out Stonestar's left eye with her twisted paw as the elder shook in silent pain. Then Ravenheart gouged out the right eye. He deserves to do it, for he hates Stonestar as well.

Together, they continually cut Stonestar all over, causing massive bleeding. Ravenheart seemed delighted to be doing this with her. As am I.

Once the elder was done with, they dragged him to the stream. Sage-eye and Ravenheart took turns forcing Stonestar's head into the stream until they lifted him out, barely clinging on to life. Working together to kill this old fiend new sensation.

After some time, she felt that she had done enough to Stonestar to contemplate revenge. "I have done enough now, Stonestar." she calmly told him. "I do not entirely like this myself, but I do it for my clan and my mother. I hope your pain that you have suffered tonight will make you rethink what you have done in your life once you are amongst our ancestors."

Sage-eye then gashed an instant death injury in Stonestar's neck. She looked at Ravenheart, and he looked just as happy as she was.

Then a new feeling over came her. A new rythem beated in her heart. Blood felt as if it was suddenly much faster. The world fell away as she and Ravenheart locked eyes. I...I love him....

Ravenheart then spoke in a warm voice. "We may be form different clans, Sage-eye. But I have come to realize that we were destined to be together since the day that Brightwing brought us together. I love you with all of my heart."

"As do to you." Sage-eye confidently said. "This is our destiny."

Then she padded forward to touch noses with him. She felt his tail embrace her as they stood in front of each other under the moonlight. This is our destiny. We shall forever more be mates, no matter what clan we come from.

Moments later, they heard a gasp. Standing on the sand's edge was a shocked Sunclaw.

"Hello, Sunclaw." Sage-eye greeted. "We have been waiting for you to you to meet us."

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