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The dream was short and not all that exciting really

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The dream was short and not all that exciting really. Well, it was exciting for me, but not in a storytelling sense exciting. I dreamt that my parents would give me one last gift that they'd promised me for my birthday but couldn't give to me on the day itself. It hadn't arrived in the post on time sadly enough so they promised they would give it to me as soon as it would arrive. They hadn't told me what it was to keep it a surprise. In the dream my mother had called me downstairs for breakfast and to tell me my present had arrived; a day earlier than expected. I excitingly ran downstairs and skipped the last step with a jump. I slid into the kitchen on some fussy socks I'd been wearing and smoothly slid into a seat at the table. My mother gave me a beaming smile as she mumbled something I couldn't remember and slid a small box towards me. My father was making scrambled eggs behind the stove which stood in the middle of the room since it was part of the kitchen island. I looked over my shoulder towards him and he gave me a mischievous grin and a wink. With excitement bubbling within me I'd turned back around and opened the plain white box. I'd gasped at the wireless Bluetooth earbuds that were in the box. I happily thanked my mom and dad by giving them both a big hug. Our laughter filled the air and that was the end of the dream.

That's when I lifted my head from the desk. I couldn't remember falling asleep. My head was fussy and I couldn't really remember anything from the night before. Slowly but surely I remembered that my friends had been over to celebrate with me and all of them left around two past midnight long after my parents went to bed. Blinking slowly I noticed the notebook beneath my arms. I rubbed my eyes to get rid of the sleep and frowned. It looks like I had been writing before I fell asleep, but I couldn't remember writing anything or sitting down to do so. It wasn't a list or a planning for school like I normally would write and besides, why would I do something for school on my birthday? My heart skipped a beat when my eyes fell upon the familiar words and read the written down version of my dream. Had I been sleepwalking? I used to sleepwalk when I was little but it hadn't happened in over eight years. Why was it happening again now? It could have been a coincident of course, that I hadn't been sleepwalking for eight years didn't mean it couldn't happen again. Or maybe I fell asleep behind my desk. But that didn't really make sense either since I had trouble falling asleep at night. It took me at least ten minutes to fall asleep and it would never happen in random places. No matter how tired I was.

"Thea?" I suddenly heard my mother call from downstairs. A déjà vu feeling very slowly settled within me.

"Yeah?" I shouted questionably. A glistering caught my eye when I moved my head to look in the direction of my mothers voice and I saw an golden ink pen lying on my desk. Why was my grandmothers pen lying there? Why of all the pens I owned did I suddenly decide to use that one to write with? I hadn't seen it since I put it away in the shoebox in my closet; four years ago when we moved into this house. I had forgotten I even had it.

"Breakfast is almost ready and your present is here!" My mother yelled excitingly. I felt dizzy with the déjà vu that had crept up on me. It was just like the dream. Just like the bit I'd unconsciously written down. But excitement and curiosity took the overhand by the mention of my present and I quickly ran down the stairs only to skip the last step and slide into the kitchen. I didn't except the present to be here already. My parents told me the delivery got delayed and would be delivered in a week, not today.

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