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"Fury, you didn't have to go that far." Natalie chided as she looked at the boy and girl who was laying on the experiment table. They were in different rooms which had walls of one sided mirrors, each one shackled to the 'bed'.

"I don't care. Banner, take their blood as a sample. What a joke! I bet they're just frauds who just knew some facts about you, and acted as this Perseus person."

"Hey, don't call me that will you? Or else... Schist, he's coming out." Percy said as he suddenly got up.

"How! He should've been out for twelve more hours! Besides, how could he have heard our conversation? We're in a fucking different room!" Percy slumped back into his bed and when he opened his eyes again, something was different. His hair was cut shorter, his posture was better and had a sense that he was your boss.  His eyes weren't rimmed with soft orange flames, but now with purple marble.

"What a long time it has been since I was in control." The 'Percy' said as his shackles magically came off. Bruce looked at the man. He was the same as him. He also had two personalities!

"You're not Percy! Who are you?"

"Me? I am Perseus. Roman god of all. Though you may also call me Vivemorsus. God of life and death. Oh shut up Percy! Let me talk sometimes! You're always in control and it's boring! Hey, can I meet Hannah!?" His attitude became childish as he apparently conversed with Percy.

"You can talk to each other? Fascinating!"

"Of course we can talk to each other. Can't you? Ooh, your counter part is quite the brute isn't he? Well, come here." Bruce walked over to Perseus and the god touched his head. Bruce became slightly green but returned to his human shade quickly.

"Woah! That's what you sound like? Never knew!" Bruce exclaimed.

"Hey. If you don't explain what the hell is going on, I'm sending you two to the mental asylum." Natalie barged in, armed with a gun. Perseus raised his hand and the gun flew away.

"What I am saying is that both Bruce and Myself have split personality disorder. All major gods do as a matter of a fact. Our Roman side and our Greek side. I am Percy Achilles Jackson as a Greek, whilst I, as my self, am Perseus Vivemorsus Jackson as a Roman. Pretty simple, just like Brucey is both Hulk and Bruce. Just that I made it possible for them to talk to each other internally, as I am doing with Percy."

"That is so complicated! You did all that in just five minutes?" Clint exclaimed.

"It's not that complicated you know. Anyway, where. Is. My. Girl. Friend? No scratch that. Have you harmed her in anyway?" Perseus's dangerous gleam returned and everyone present,earning everyone except Tony started sweating.

Noticing that no one seemed to be able to answer, Perseus got up and walked to the open door and walked into Hannah's room, where she also was off shackles already, the shackles a pile of clay.

"Percy! No wait. You're Perseus! Nice to meet you sir." Perseus returned as Percy for a second before becoming Roman again.

"Percy chose well. You will make a great Queen." Perseus smiled before his aura disappeared, and as he opened his eyes again, the orange flames came back in his eyes, and he was Percy once more.

"Oh gods! This is embarrassing... Well, you'll one day have to face these problems yourself Hannah, after all, you'll one day be my wife. Then you'll have to become a Goddess!" Percy chuckled and kissed Hannah lightly on the lips.

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