The Good Die Young.

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Hitting the water, almost instantly, The indigent boy felt pain stroke his heart, as if being shot by an arrow. He hadn't known the girl and she hadn't known him, yet it pained him that he couldn't convince her to come back.

Without any hesitation he ran over to the edge to get a better look at the situation. The girl had already left the top of the water and disappeared beneath the top layer. Even when wincing, there was absolutely no sign of her. "God damn it!" He yelled in frustration, getting over to the outside of the railing himself and looking over.He had to jump in the next few seconds before she had gone too far fact maybe he shouldn't of let that thought come to mind. Taking a deep panicky breath, he jumped off board into the glacial water.

As soon as he'd hit the water, it vibarated through his body like a thousand knives stabbing into him.The current started dragging him away with the tide, yet he kept his balance by using every single wisp of strength he had inside him. His body started to ache from the cold and he knew if he was in there more than an hour he wouldn't be able to handle it. It brought back memories of the time back in Wisconsin, which he'd been trying to tell the girl about before she jumped, maybe if she'd listened then they each wouldn't be in that situation.

Rose started to sink to the bottom, not only had she never been swimming but she had no clue on how to swim...which was the reason that she had considered going this way...
Her petite ladylike body had already started to freeze up, her muscles tightened and both legs developed major cramps with every spare second as she sunk lower and lower down into the ocean depths.

Now the boy had gathered the energy to dive deep under the water. Opening his eyes slowly, they started to sting from the salt that invaded his pupils. It wasn't an option to close them though, especially as she could be half way down by now. It was impossible for him to see ached his heart as it started to dawn on him that he wouldn't be able to find her....and then he also had another issue...even if he'd gotten her...the titanic was far enough away that they couldn't get back.

He sighed, starting to give up and as he took once last glance, he saw something...a glimmer in the sea like a little sparkle. He felt a glint of hope spread across his heart and he pushed his way through the vast current and then back down under towards he started to get deeper...not especially deep yet deep enough that he could see a few mere fish.

He focused then on the sparkling object, and slowly as he thought he was close enough, he reached his brawny arms out and yanked the necklace, pulling it up towards him. He started to see the shape of someone's body, faded out by the darkness. Hopefully it was the girl's because if not he might of had nightmares for weeks about whoever else it could've been. He pulled harder and wrapped his arms around the petite body, pulling the body over his shoulder as he swam swiftly back up to the surface, panting.

Now that he got a better look of the figure, he realised that it was the girl and sighed in relief, flapping his arms in the water to keep them both staying above the water. He knew they wouldn't last long in this position and needed to find a way out as fast as possible. He patted her back "come on, wake up." He whispered comfortingly. If she woke up maybe she could help him with ideas...and at least he'd have some company...though that wasn't important.

Rose stirred slightly, her little mouth opening to mumble some small words which he could make out to say 'thankyou'. He nodded and scanned the open sea, trying to find somewhere that they could rest for a while until either the titanic came back from New York....which wasn't for a long time or until he found somewhere else they could possibly reach. The water started to numb his toes so much that he could hardly feel them anymore. They needed a way out...and fast.

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