Michael's World.

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Okay first I must worn you my grammer is pretty bad so I tried my best to make it understandable so enjoy and by the way the story gets more interesting in the forth chapter so read and please tell me what you think:)


Chapter One (Michael And His Family):


      "I wonder?....I wonder what it would be like if I could fly?" Michael thought to himself as he gazed at the starry night through his telescope. The moon was covered behind dark clouds and the sky lit up with millions of tiny stars that reminded Michael so much of fireflies....."I don't know why they remind me of fireflies? Maybe it's because I love collecting them" Michael laughed a little, Michael Owens a glass jar which he uses to catch fireflies he keeps them for a while the sets them free, he doesn't like the idea of keeping something looked up it wouldn't be fare.


     As Michael continued to gaze at the stars he heard someone come into his bedroom knocking the door gently as they entered, he turned around to find his mother standing there with a smile on her face. She was a tall beautiful woman who was thin and had long brown curly hair and big brown eyes she also had a long face and a pointy nose.


     "I see your looking at the stars again" she said cheerfully "oh yes mother there fascinating! come and have a look through my telescope" "oh sweetie I would love to but you need to get ready for your bath bedtime is in one hour" she said as she pulled out some clean underwear and a nice pare of of blue and white striped pajamas from Michael's closet "oh mother do I have to?" "yes you do you have to get ready for school tomorrow. Is your school bag ready?"


     "yes mother I even have it on the chair next to my bed" Michael had already bought all of his school supplies two weeks earlier. "okay now that's good I'm going to hang your school uniform here so you'd be able to reach it" she said as she hanged it on the handle of his closet.


     of course Michael didn't seem to exited about going to school you see.....Michael is a very shy ten year old boy with straight brown hair cut short and wide brown eyes with a small nose a small mouth and a long face like his mothers. He hated playing with other children his age, he liked it better when he was alone.


     You see it all started when his father Daniel Benom left him and his mother when he was only six years old, Michael got a lot of his looks from him but not his personality his father was very mean his father was a dentist they lived in London and he barley saw his father because he worked all the time not just as a dentist he had other business on the side he loved money, one day he told Michael's mother Amelia that he had to work late and they never heard from him again.$


     Michael's mother was very sad and had cried for days, Michael was very upset to see his mother like that so he'd lock himself in his bedroom and start to imagine himself faraway from his mothers sadness. About two months later Amelia started to look for a job, she found an add for a job at a flower shop not to far from her home it paid quite well and the hours were perfect....(she knew she wouldn't it didn't pay enough to support her and her son but she couldn't leave him alone she had no one he could stay with and the hours were while he was at school).


     Amelia loved her job very much, one day a tall handsome man with dark brown hair, bright blue eyes a long nose and a heart shaped face walked into the shop, he immediately got Amelia's attention and he noticed her as well. He walked up to her and asked her advice about some flowers like what would be appropriate for a friend in hospital "oh I hope there okay" she said looking a bit worried "no haha don't worry a friend of mine broke his leg while training for a rescue mission he'll be fine" "oh well that's good" she said relieved.


     "well then in my opinion I think white and yellow roses should do it" "oh good he's a fireman so the colors would match quite well with his uniform" he laughed as he picked out a dozen white and yellow roses, he paid for them and just as he was about to leave they exchanged numbers and he intrados himself as Marcus Goodman.


     They went out for about a year before they got married Marcus was living with a room mate so he packed his things and moved in with the Benoms. Marcus loved Michael as if he were his own son, he always tries to take Michael out to fun places or play any kinds of sports with him but Michael didn't want to do any of those things, he just wanted to play alone in his bedroom.


     His mother was very worried about him she knew he had an imagination like any child would but Michael was quite different he believed it was real, even when he goes to school he eats and sits alone while all of the other children point and laugh at him making fun of him and calling him names the school principle called Amelia how many times telling her that Michael needed to make some friends.


     Michael's mother headed into the bathroom and ran warm water for his bath, meanwhile Michael was in his bedroom gathering some toys to play with in the tub then he too headed into the bathroom as well by then the tub was already full.


     "now Michael I'll leave you play for a while then come and check up on you later okay" she said as she left the bathroom, Michael removed his cloths then climbed into the tub with his toys surrounding him he started playing pirates and before he could drift of any further he heard someone calling him......"Michael it's time for me to clean you with some soap and shampoo" "MOTHER! He said as his face turned as red as a tomato....I'm big now I can clean myself"


     "oh hahaha okay then you clean yourself up I'll be in your bedroom waiting to tell you a story" she left then Michael finished up....

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