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Steve's Point of view

I stood next to Tony and watched him work. Even when I was stood almost touching him, he still didn't realise that I was there. He took off the mask and moved onto something else. He looked so content and happy.  It seemed almost cruel to interrupt him, but I had to do it.

"Tony?" I asked. He didn't seem to hear me. He had in earphones. Of course he did. So I put my hand on his shoulder and he jumped.  He almost hit me. 

"What time is it?" He asked. I looked at my phone.

"Ten past four." I answered. He closed his eyes.

"Already?" He asked. I nodded. He sat down and rubbed his face. 

"Everything alright? You wanted me here. Wait, have you eaten anything today? Or had a drink? Why are you here? Why did you get me to come here?" Tony held his hand up.

"Too many questions. One at a time please." He said and rubbed the bridge of his nose. He looked tired. I feel like by distracting him from whatever it was that he was doing, I pulled him out of his cloud of happiness and back to reality. I  kind of felt guilty for doing that. I don't think that I should have.

"Okay. First. Are you alright?" I repeated my first question.  He answered all the questions eventually. 

So we were in this garage because this is his. He used to work here when he was younger and the owner had to close up shop. So Tony got the place given to him. He goes to this garage to work on stuff in order to think.

"So I asked you here because I was thinking about what you said." That peeked my interest. "You were right. I do need friends. I'm sorry for saying you pitied me but I've never really had anyone that actually cared for me."

"Tony. I'm sorry I didn't know."

"When I came out as gay to my father... It didn't end well. It ended with 4 broken ribs and a black eye. But we don't need to discuss that."

"4 broken ribs?" I asked "So the black eye you have now isn't just a one off?"

"He only hurts me when it comes to a subject so sensitive such as my sexuality."

"But why would your dad hit you for when I came round unless- wait. Do you have feelings for me?" Tony started to play with a screw driver, going rather awkward.

"I never really thought about that. I just know I like you as a person. But you're the straight pretty boy that everyone likes at school and I-"

"I'm bisexual and I worked hard to get where I am. I used to get bullied a lot."

"I'm sorry. I didn't know - wait you're bisexual? Why didn't you tell me?"

"Tony I've been thinking about you a lot lately. It's been really confusing me. I have had relationships in the past. Well. One. But even with her. I never thought about her how I think about you and you're new in my life." That put a smug look on Tony's face.

"You have a thing for me." He cooed.

"Perhaps I do. Do you have a thing for me?"

"Possibly. But it wouldn't work out."

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