Mal and Evie's dorm.

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Sophia, Mal and Evie were currently hanging together inside of their dorm room. Mal was situated comfortably on her pink, floral covered, canopy bed going through her spell book in hopes to find one which will help them in getting the fairy godmother's magic wand. Whilst Evie was working on some sewing in the corner of the room and Sophia was drawing in her sketchbook atop of her own bed.

Although, pretty soon Sophia looked up from her drawing when she noticed their dorm door bursting open and in came Jane, a wavy-haired ravenette who didn't looked to happy right then.

"Mum said, if a boy can't see the beauty within. Then he's not worth it." The ravenette exclaimed towards the three girls in front of her. "Can you believe it? What world does she live in?"

"Auradon." Both Mal and Sophia muttered together in unison, as they turned back to their separate activities they were doing.

Sophia soon pretty much ended up zoning out for the rest of the conversation that went ahead between Mal and Jane, then soon Lottie who showed up later through the conversation, asking for Mal to change her hair to like Sophia's. However, by the time she did zone back in, Carlos and Jay had now shown up inside of the Auradon Prep dorm room and the two Auradon girls had now left them alone.

"So did your plan work? Are you going over to see the wand?" Jay asked the purple-haired female before him. Mal sighed and shook her head once she heard the long haired male's question.

"Do you think she would be going through every single spell, in that book? If she hadn't lucked out." Sophia ended up answering for Mal.

Jay was just about to answer though, he was then cut off by a knock sounding from the other side of the room. So Mal got up from where she was seated and walked over to answer the door. Once she opened up the door she soon spotted, Prince Ben standing right outside.

Confused, Mal asked him what he was doing there. To where he answered that he wanted to know if they had any questions about the school they were now attending. But they didn't, well until Sophia just thought of one as she walked over to the two by the door. But before she could ask it, the platinum blonde's orbs locked onto the prince's in a sort off trance, before she soon broke out of it and proceeded to ask the question.

"Is it true, we get to go to your coronation?" Sophia asked, curiously as she leant against the door frame.

"Yeah, the whole school goes." Ben replied back to the blonde beauty in front of him.

"Well, do you think we know sit up front and soak up all that.......goodness?" Mal soon joined into the conversation.

"I'm sorry, but up front it's just me, my folks and my girlfriend." The soon-to-be king exclaimed sadly.

"And your girlfriend..." Mal muttered to herself quietly, already forming a plan inside of her head once she heard those words escape the prince's mouth. Before the two girls soon slammed the door shut and turning around to face their other friends. A smirk playing it's way up onto Mal's features as she told her friends the plan.

Their plan was too put Ben underneath a love spell, to make him fall in love with Sophia for his coronation. So, at least one of them could be up front and steal the wand for their parents. And their parents would finally be proud of them for doing something really evil.


Hey guys, sorry it took a while (like a couple months) to update this but it's here now and I also apologise for the shortness of the chapter, but hey at least it's an update. XD


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