Chapter 3:The Shining Beacon

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Okay so now it's time to see how Liam and Zane are doing 6 years after they're fight with Ansem! Liam will watch as Zane gets ready for his imitation and will he encounter some faces from his past?
Pyrrha sat on the transport ship heading for beacon, she would be lying if she said she wasn't excited to be heading to the Legendary Academy. Although she was also nervous because of her being well known all across Remnant. She didn't want people treating her different because of her fame, she hated it when people did that. "Hey Spartan! Why sitting by yourself?" An energetic voice called out to her as Pyrrha turned her head to see two familiar face approaching her. Her big brother's best friend Zane ran up to her along with Kairi.

          Pyrrha smiled at the sight of two familiar faces being present on this trip, at least they would treat her like a normal person

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Pyrrha smiled at the sight of two familiar faces being present on this trip, at least they would treat her like a normal person. "Zane, Kairi! I'm so happy to see you two!" Pyrrha cheered as she pulled the two Keyblade wielders into a bone crushing hug. "P-Pyrrha c-can't b-breathe." Kairi choked out as the red haired girl put them down. "I'm sorry!" Pyrrha said nervously as she rubbed the back of her head. "Geez you're as strong as ever Pyrrha! Anyway you ready to start your first year at Beacon?" Zane asked the red haired girl as he smiled at her. "Of course! Although I'm more excited about seeing big brother again! The last time I saw him in person was when students were off for holiday." Pyrrha said as she thought of finally getting to see her older brother again.
                 The ship landed as students began to file out of it and head towards the school, Ruby Rose had just been abandoned by her older sister Yang. Ruby ended up bumping into a girl's luggage and got into a fight with her. "You dolt! Do you have any idea what your messing with?!" The white haired girl shouted at her as Ruby recoiled back. "Geez, sorry Ice Queen! It's just luggage!" Ruby fires back as she glared at the girl. "Do you have any idea what's in these bags?! You can't just throw them around!" The white haired girl shouted once again as she glared at Ruby. "What seems to be the problem here ladies?" A dark voice asked as the two girls to face a man in a black coat and hood.

               "Well this idiot knocked over my luggage and I was just teaching her a lesson!" The White haired girl said to the hooded man with a huff

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"Well this idiot knocked over my luggage and I was just teaching her a lesson!" The White haired girl said to the hooded man with a huff. "Weiss Schnee, heiress to the Schnee Dust Company and the world's biggest spoiled brat." The hooded man responded as Weiss let out a gasp of disgust. "How dare you! Do you have any idea who you're talking to?!" Weiss yelled at the man as she trust her finger against his chest. "I believe I just told you who you are, must I repeat myself?" The hooded man said before he began to sink into Weiss's shadow. "Now I must be on my way, good day ladies." The hooded man said as he disappeared into the shadow and leaving the two girls alone.
Ozpin stood on the stage waiting for all of the New students to enter for his announcement. "So Ozpin are you ready to give your big welcoming speech to everyone?" A familiar voice spoke from behind him as Ozpin turned to see the hooded man climb out of his shadow. "Ah Mr. Nikos did you have fun sizing up the new arrivals?" Ozpin asked his student as he removed the hood to reveal his face. "Yeah found my former sister Ruby getting yelled at by the Schnee, of course I stepped in before I got out of hand." Liam explained as he leaned against the wall and crossed his arms. "Yes I know you probably didn't expect to have both of your former sisters here, but Miss Rose has great potential." Ozpin explained as he looked at the 18 year old with slight concern.
"Hey if you think it's a good idea to let her in early then who am I to argue? After all you let me in despite what I did when I was twelve." Liam said as he looked Ozpin dead in the eye. "Liam that's not your fault, Ansem was controlling you and there was nothing that could stop it." Ozpin said as he put his hand on the boy's shoulder. Liam simply sighed before walking away to let Ozpin do his thing in peace. "Mr. Nikos, after my speech I would like you to say a few words as well." Ozpin said stopping the boy in his tracks. Liam turned around before facing Ozpin and walking back up to him. "If that's what you wish of me then so be it." Liam said before putting his good back on and waiting back stage.
Ozpin was just finishing up the speech when Liam started to get ready for his part. "Now before I leave you all to get settled, I would like to invite one of our top students to say a few words to you all!" Ozpin said as he stepped away from the mic as Liam walked on stage with his hood on. "Hello everyone, now the Professor covered most of what you will have to expect from your time here. Although allow me to tell you an important piece of advice. In this school everyone is equal, race and social status means nothing within the walls of this Academy. If any of you break this rule, well you'll answer to me." Liam finished as he stepped off the stage and began to exit the auditorium.
"Hey wait up!" Liam turned around to see his two former sisters running up to him for some reason. "Hey thanks for helping my sister when Ice Queen got on her case out in front of the school. The names Yang by the way." Yang said as stuck out her hand, which Liam took. "A pleasure, I would tell you my name, but I have to keep it a secret for now." Liam responded as he shook Yang's hand before turning to Ruby. "Listen red you can't just let people walk all over you like that, next time I might not be around to help." Liam said as Ruby looked down slightly embarrassed at his words. "S-Sorry." Ruby stuttered out meekly as she looked down at her feet.
"Well I best be on my way, I'll see you at Initiation." Liam said as he began to walk away again. "Hey you single hot stuff?" Yang asked in a suggestive voice as she got a look in her eye. "One, you don't know what I look like under this hood and two I'm already taken." Liam said before using his semblance to sink into the shadows and dart away. "Damn! I bet he was cute under that hood to!" Yang said in defeat as she turned around and made her way back inside the auditorium with ruby following behind. The sisters had no idea who they had just spoke to and just how close they were to finding a missing link from their past.
Pyrrha sat on her sleeping bag next to Zane and Kairi as they spoke before they went to bed. "I can't believe that guy in the hood just threatened the entire auditorium like that! He must be strong if he's brave enough to make a speech like that!" Pyrrha said as Zane and Kairi looked at each other. "Pyrrha do you seriously not know who that guy in the hood was?" Zane asked in disbelief as Pyrrha just gave him a dumbfounded expression. Before they could continue the hooded man appeared before the three, shocking them at his sudden arrival. "Ms. Nikos would you please follow me?" The hooded man asked as Pyrrha slowly stood up before following the hooded man.
"W-What do you need with me sir?" Pyrrha asked nervously as she followed the man down the hall. The hooded man stopped before turning around to face her. "What? Can't a big brother welcome his baby sister to Beacon Academy?" Liam said as he removed his hood and smiled at his sister. Pyrrha lunges forward and wrapped her big brother in a bone crushing hug. "Big Brother! I'm so happy to see you!" Pyrrha cheered as she continued to hug her brother. "Happy to see you as well little sis." Liam said as he returned the hug. "I missed you." Pyrrha said as she buried her face in her brother's chest. "Same here sis, but it's getting late so see you tomorrow?" Liam asked as they broke the hug before going their separate ways for the night.

Alright so now the new students have arrived! How will they do during initiation? Will Liam reveal his identity? Also what team is he on? Find out next time! Tell we what you thought in the comments.

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