Chapter 2:Way to the Dawn

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Okay so last time Zane was successful in saving Liam from Ansem's control and the two Keyblade wielders defeated the Seeker of Darkness. Now they are on their way back to Master Yen Sid to decide what to do about Liam.
Liam walked behind the rest of the group as they approached Beacon Academy to meet up with Professor Ozpin and Master Yen Sid. "What will they do to me? I may have been under Ansem's control, but that doesn't excuse my actions." Liam thought to himself as he walked towards the castle like school. "Hey Liam you okay back there, you haven't said a single word this entire time!" Zane said as he looked at his friend over his shoulder in worry. "I'm fine Liam, just thinking about what I've missed out on in the past two years." Liam said in hopes of putting his friend's mind at ease. Zane shrugged before facing forward once again and continuing towards the school.
             As the group rode the elevator up to Ozpin's office, Liam could feel his nerves getting even worse. The moment the elevator reached the top and the door opened, his fate would be decided. Finally the elevator stopped and opened up to reveal Professor Ozpin, Professor Goodwitch, and finally the man himself Master Yen Sid

"Ah Zane Goodwitch it's good to see that you have returned safely, and you brought King Mickey with you how are you your highness?" Ozpin asked the mouse as he smiled at him

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"Ah Zane Goodwitch it's good to see that you have returned safely, and you brought King Mickey with you how are you your highness?" Ozpin asked the mouse as he smiled at him. "Tired Professor I may not have fought Ansem myself, but fighting off hoards of shadows and worrying about young Zane here definitely took its toll!" Mickey said with a chuckle as he returned Ozpin's smile.
                  "Oh I'm so happy my baby boy has returned safely!" Glynda said as she pulled the eleven year old into a tight hug. "You worry to much mom." Zane said with a chuckle as he returned his mother's hug. "Yes you have truly proven yourself today young Zane, you truly have the makings of a Keyblade Master." Yen Sid said before turning to face Liam. "Now the question is what do we do about you young Liam Rose?" Yen Sid said as the boy immediately dropped to his knee in respect for the Wizard. "Master Yen Sid I am ready to atone for my sins, any punishment you see fit to bestow upon me, I will happily except!" Liam said as he hung his head in shame at letting darkness into his heart.
Yen Sid smiles down at the boy before walking up to him and patting him on top of his head. "Liam I believe Mickey already told you that the heart can be weak at times. You had a moment of weakness and a dark being to advantage of that. Ansem's actions are no fault of your own, but if you wish to atone then please summon your Keyblade." Yen Sid said as Liam stood back up and summoned the Keyblade he obtained during the fight with Ansem. "Do you know the name of your Keyblade Liam?" Yen Sid asked as the boy shook his head no at the Wizard. "It's name is Way to the Dawn, you fell into darkness, but you once again saw the light. Let this Keyblade guide you out of the darkness and into the light, fight by Zane's side and become a Keyblade Master!" Yen Sid announces to the room as everyone looked at him in shock.
"W-What? Me a Keyblade Master?" Liam said in shock at Yen Sid's words as he looked at his Keyblade in wonder. "Yes it would be wrong to punish someone as young as you, so please atone by protecting the world from Darkness." Yen Sid said as he smiled at the twelve year old who began to tear up at his words. "Yes sir! I won't let you down I promise!" Liam said as he bowed in respect to the Wizard. "Now then Mr. Rose I will arrange for a Bullhead to take you back to Patch and reunite you with your family." Ozpin said to the boy as Liam fell to his knees shaking. "P-Please don't send me back there!" Liam begged as he began to cry.
Ozpin was surprised at the boy's reaction, he thought he would have been overjoyed to be returned to his family. "Liam I don't understand, don't you miss your family?" Ozpin asked in confusion as the boy continued to shake uncontrollably. "Those jerks don't deserve to get Liam back after what they did to him Mr. Ozpin!" Zane growled out as he knelt down and patted his friend on the back. "Zane, sweetheart what do you mean?" Glynda asked her son as she also knelt down and patted Liam on the back. "T-They n-never told you Mr. Ozpin?" Liam asked shakily as Ozpin gave another confused look at the boy. "Summer called wailing about how her son had been kidnapped and she asked me to help her find you." Ozpin explained as Liam shot up immediately at his words.
                  "Of course they would lie to you to cover their own rear ends, how typical of them!" Liam growled out as he glared at his feet. "What are you talking about Liam?" Ozpin questioned as he took a sip from his coffee cup. "Mr. Ozpin I didn't get kidnapped, I ran away from that hellhole! For the ten years that I lived with them, they did nothing but abuse and neglect me!" Liam said in a dark tone as all of the adults were taken aback by his words. "Liam would you kindly explain what happened." Ozpin said as his expression grew serious at the boy's words. Liam shot into how he was beaten, starved, insulted, blamed for everything, and finally shot by Summer the day he ran away.
                To say Ozpin was angry would be an understatement, he was absolutely furious at what his star team had done to this child. "Yen Sid is this true?" Ozpin asked the wizard for confirmation on Liam's story. "Ozpin you know very well that no one can successfully lie to me and right now that boy is telling the truth." Yen Sid said in his own angered tone as he looked down at Liam. "Oh Liam I'm so sorry that you had to go through that!" Glynda said as she wrapped the boy in a gentle hug as he cried into her shoulder. "Mom that's why I always said I was worried about my friend on the island, I would have told you, but Liam made me promise not to." Zane explained as he looked down angrily.
"Well it's obviously apparent what caused young Liam's heart to give into the Darkness." Yen Sid stated as he walked over to Liam and patted him on the back. "Ozpin I believe it would be in Our best interest to find Liam a new family to adopt him. Sending him back to the Rose Family would only cause more trauma for the boy." Yen Sid said as he looked over at his old friend, hoping he would have an answer to this problem. "Well I am meeting with Miss Nikos in a little bit from what I know she has a daughter only a year younger then Liam here, maybe she would be willing to take him in." Ozpin said as Yen Sid nodded before taking his leave along with Mickey, Donald, and Goofy.
Glynda and Zane also made their way home as it was very late and Zane was tired from the long fight they just had. "Now Liam are you willing to give Miss Nikos a chance or do you still not trust people enough yet?" Ozpin asked as he looked at the boy from behind his desk. "Mr. Ozpin it won't be easy for me to trust again, but I have to give it my best shot. I can't live thinking everyone is out to hurt me. So yes I'm willing to give her a chance." Liam said as Ozpin was slightly taken aback by how mature young Liam was being. The two of them heard the elevator open as they turned to look at the new face.

              "Hello Professor Ozpin, sorry I was late getting here!" Miss Nikos said as she smiled sheepishly at the Professor before finally noticing Liam standing there

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"Hello Professor Ozpin, sorry I was late getting here!" Miss Nikos said as she smiled sheepishly at the Professor before finally noticing Liam standing there. "Oh, and who is this young man?" She asked as she smiled gently at Liam. "Diane this is Liam Rose, I was wondering if you would be willing to adopt him." Ozpin said as Diane grew a surprised look on her face. "Ozpin I'm not saying no, but he has a last name, doesn't that mean he already has a family?" Diane questioned as she looked at Ozpin questioningly. Ozpin explained Liam's former family and what they put him through.
                "Oh you poor thing! Don't worry you can come live with me!" Diane said as she pulled Liam into a hug. "T-Thank y-you ma'am." Liam said as he hugged Diane as if his life depended on it. "Hey no more of this ma'am stuff, I'm your mom after all!" Diane said as she gently patted Liam on the head. "T-Thank you mom." Liam said as he finally cracked a smile since he arrived in Ozpin's office. "Well let me just finish talking to Ozpin sweetheart then we can head home and meet your little sister." Diane said as she gave Liam a kiss on the cheek. Liam smiled before nodding and sitting down on a chair and waited for the adults to finish their conversation.
Liam held Diane's hand as she led him through Mistral towards her home. "We're almost there sweetheart!" Diane said as she looked over her shoulder at the twelve year old with a smile on her face. Eventually the two walked onto the porch of the house and Diane opened the front door. "Mommy!" A red haired girl cheered as she ran up to her mother and hugged her mother. "Hello Pyrrha, were you good while I was gone?" Diane asked the red haired eleven year old. Pyrrha nodded her head before finally noticing Liam standing behind her mother. "Mommy who's that?" Pyrrha asked as she pointed at Liam, who tensed up at being noticed.
"Pyrrha this is your new big brother Liam! He's had it rough so far so be nice to him okay?" Diane said as Pyrrha immediately pulled her new brother into a hug. "Yay I have a big brother!" Pyrrha cheered as she continued to hug Liam with a surprising amount of strength for someone her age. "It's nice to meet you to little sis." Liam said as she finally put him down. "Alright let's have dinner and then both of you can head off to bed okay?" Diane said as both children nodded their heads in understanding. "Big Brother can you sleep in my bed tonight? I've been having nightmares lately and I would feel better if you were there." Pyrrha explained as she pressed her index fingers together. "If course little sis." Liam said as he promised to protect his new little sister.

Alright so now Liam is on the path to becoming a Keyblade Master and he has a new loving family! Next time we will skip head to when Liam is in his second year of Beacon! He will be awaiting the arrival of his younger sister and best friend to start their first year at the school! Although will some familiar faces make an appearance? Tell me what you thought in the comments and I'll see you in the next chapter!

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