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Riley took a deep breath, her eyes drifting to the clock on the wall

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Riley took a deep breath, her eyes drifting to the clock on the wall. The diner was almost empty, only two tables being filled. One booth had some teenagers, the group smiling and talking quietly. The other table just had a man by himself, reading while drinking a coffee. It was times like these when Riley hated that the diner was 24 hours.

"Hey," the manager spoke, "Do you mind staying another hour? I just want to send Kayla home."

Riley looked at the clock again. It was starting to reach one in the morning and she didn't know if she could go on for another hour. She nodded her head, remembering her mum, who was home sick. Her mum did this all the time, she could do this for one night.

"Wonderful," he said, "Thank you so much, Riley. I know it's a school night."

"It's okay, Tom," Riley said softly, "I just to make sure we still get the money for mum's shifts."

"Yeah, don't worry," Tom said, "I've got the rest of the shifts to work out with your schedule. Just tell me when your mum is back and I'll give you your usual shifts back."

"You're the best," Riley smiled at him.


Riley's quiet snores could be heard by the Glee Club as Will handed sheet music to everyone. He gave Quinn a look, considering Riley's head was rested on Quinn's shoulder. She was very tired considering she didn't get much sleep last night.

"Her mum is sick so she's taking all of her shifts," Quinn explained quietly, "Look how cute she is. How could I ever wake her up?"

Will raised his eyebrows at her, then at Finn.

"Riley and Quinn are practically dating. There isn't any real girlfriend on girlfriend feelings but I know that if Quinn had to pick either making out with me or Riley, she'd pick Riley," Finn answered and looked at Puck, "You get used to it after a while."

Puck nodded, "Yeah. She likes to remind me that she doesn't like me and that she'd leave me for Quinn any day when we talk."

"Well, when she wakes up, tell her she's got the solo," Will told them with a tight smile.

Once the bell rang, Quinn needed to get to class but Riley was still fast asleep. She didn't want wake up the girl though, as it was obvious she was really tired.

"Finn," Quinn hissed at her boyfriend. Finn raised his eyebrow at the blonde girl. "Can you wake up Riles? I'll feel bad. Look how adorable she is. I could never -- she's drooling on me!"

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