Chapter 10

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Munira's POV
I was actually quite unprepared.You'd think that after all the time I've spent dodging and snapping at this imbecile-I would smack him for kissing me back.

But that wasn't exactly the case as I was arched up against his broad chest.

I moaned at the feel of his body heat against my chest,as he pressed his tongue into my mouth,delving inside.It was hot,fiery and demanding....

I wanted to pull myself away but I would hate myself for that.

He growled as I buried my fingers into his lustrous locks of hair.His strong and muscular arms explored my trembling body in frustration.

"Fuck!" He bellowed against my lips,making my insides shiver in desire.

I pulled apart,grasping for air.

Our hot breaths were in sync as his hands never left my body.

His lips brushed against my jaw in need.I was surprised I haven't bolted yet.
He felt so good...

He began nuzzling my neck with wet kisses.I whimpered in anticipation.

"You drive me crazy..." He murmured against my tingling skin.

I slowly ruffled his hair and cuddled him closer.

However,my sight latched onto the broken pot of miserable plants that was on the ground.

There was a smashed insect next to it.

"Dominic..." I uttered softly.

"You don't have to say it twice,Princess"
He continued as he was going to smash his swollen lips against mine again.

I gazed at his parted lips.
Focus on the dead!

"Dominic." I stopped him with my hands on his chest.

"Where do you want me to kiss you?" He replied.He seemed a bit inebriated from what just happened.He actually looked like a lost child.

His eyes were glossy and the tip of his nose was tinted red.
I caressed his stiff form as I bit a smile.

"We killed him." I gestured to the poor little thing on the floor.

I remembered slapping it away but I didn't intend to kill it.Anyways it was his fault for tempting me.

"Alright." He mumbled with a smirk.
"Rest in peace pal." He bowed down towards the crushed invertebrate and whirled back to me.

Was it a joke to him? He died because of us.

Call me a nutcase or whatever but it didn't matter if he was human or not.
He was a living thing just like the rest of us.He deserves a meaningful goodbye and apology from wherever he's at right now.Heaven or hell...
He still didn't deserve it.

I glared at Dominic and crossed my arms.
He gazed at me in confusion.

"Did I do something wrong?" He questioned.

I ignored him as I swept the soil,plants and the broken shards into a dustpan.
He followed me.

"Princess,it's just an insect." He added.
Was it amusement in his tone?
I shoved him away.

"What do you mean it's just a darn insect?He used to live like the rest of us Dominic.He used to be breathing and moving.We just took away that privilege.You know what if he had a family in that tank back there? The other insects of his are probably panicking right now.Like where the did he go,huh?" I didn't care if I was lecturing him.


Now I'm gonna interrupt him.

"So do you like see a bug on the ground and just crush it with your shoe without hesitation and leave it to decompose right then and there?!"

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