Chapter 58

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Late in the evening, when Leithan got back to the Golden Temple, he saw that Shay had left her door open.

Hearing the sound of fingers clicking across the typewriter, Leithan poked his head in. Sure enough, she was at her desk in loose leisure clothing, long black curls still wet from showering, fingers typing away and conjuring words across the page. Two oil lamps were lit on either side of the desk.

The room was messy, clothes and shoes everywhere as usual – he would've worried if it was any different.

Her bed covers were fuchsia and black, the furniture was ebony wood, the mirror atop her vanity was a large square framed in gold leaf, with earrings and necklaces dangling messily from the top edges. The window had been left open wide enough to let Tufty in, if the cat decided to climb the tree outside and slip back inside Shay's room. A fresh evening breeze seeped in, fluttering the muslin curtain.

When she saw him, Shay stopped typing.

"Hey! Want to come in?" She was already turning the chair to face him. "I need to talk to you about something."

"Veya's tits and balls!" Leithan exclaimed. "Are you pregnant?"

Shay's dark brown eyes turned mischievous. "Yes. And Quin's the father!"

Smiling, Leithan stepped in, closing the door behind himself.

Shay's bedroom had an ivory loveseat, nice and fluffy, next to the bookshelf – a great spot to read, which, sadly, Shay didn't do very often. Also, Leith's favorite place to sit in Shay's room. And possibly in the whole temple.

"So, I had dinner with my parents last night," Shay said, pulling her chair closer until only two feet or so separated them. Her slippered foot kicked a high-heeled boot out of the way.

"At the mighty Stormwave Mansion?" Leithan asked.

Shay nodded dreamily. "In the gardens by the cliffs. We got an amazing sunset."

"I beat you," Leithan said. "I saw it from the top of Ashira."

Her eyes widened. "Oh right! You told me about that. With the Yoxai vampire."

"Not a vampire," Leithan reminded.

Shay shrugged. "I'm sticking to my first theory until you give me a better explanation."

"I think that was my theory, actually," Leithan said.

He settled more comfortably in the corner of the loveseat, crossing his tired legs.

"How was it?" Shay asked, leaning her left arm on the cushioned armrest.

"Beautiful," Leithan said with a smile.

"Are you talking about the view or Teshin?" Shay teased.

"Both?" Leithan said, and she shook her head in disbelief.

"Leith . . . you just ended things with Nix! Although," she said, studying him, "you do seem to be doing better, I guess. You got the weight back, right? You look healthy."

"Thanks," Leithan said, but he glanced away.

He always treaded carefully when it came to that topic. He wished he could tell her the truth – the reason why he'd had issues with loss of appetite in the first place – but he wasn't ready. For some reason, telling Teshin about Tremes hadn't made him more willing to tell anybody else.

"How are things with Quin?" he asked, to change the subject.

Shay's smile, the flush on her cheeks, and the way she lowered her long lashes said it all.

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