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All people have hidden talents and have hidden possibilities.....

Cecile's POV

I am Cecile Joanna Herden and I am a 4th year high school student. Well I love the song Rewrite the Stars that made me sing. I put my earphones then played the music, and after some minutes, I started singing.

"What if we rewrite the stars?
Say you were made to be mine
Nothing could keep us apart
You'd be the one I was meant to find..."

But only some people can be up on stage but I didn't expected to be up there.......

Starshine: "What if we Rewrite the stars?
So you were made to be mine.."

Starry:"Nothing could keep us apart
You'd be the one to I was meant to find..."

But love can be made up by this song that me and my partner made unkowingly and unexpected...

Starshine:"It's up to you..."

Starry:"And it's up to me..."

Starshine and Starry:
"No one can say what we get to be
So why don't we rewrite the stars?..."

But because of the fame that we made, we got separated and we even don't know each other's address but only our codenames...

"Starry!" I said as we got separated and I was the only one left.

"Oh my gosh Ce-, I mean Starshine, you were amazing. Why are you sad?" Sarah said.

"It's because I don't get to see Starry again." I said to her.

"Wait! Don't tell me that you like Starry?" She said then stared at her. "You really like him? Don't worry, I will help you find your twin!"

I will go through an adventure to find Starry and adventure of friendship, love and songs.

Join in my adventure in....

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