After I realized I slept through almost half of my free day, I decided to go out into the grand hall of the thirteenth floor and sit on the couch. Rhys and Demyx were arguing again, Zexion was showing Rix a book about dark ritual summoning, and Renxsuke and Ashtcher were holding up a wall by themselves. I think they could be best friends. I summoned Two Across flipping it around in the air a few times, then stopped to look at it, and just observe it.

I settled my free hand in the pocket of my leather trench coat and felt something in it. I pulled out two rubber bands and just looked at them. I wrapped them around Two Across's teeth and it made the rubber bands glow with a white shimmer. In curiosity, I took them off to look at them.

"I swear," Rhys yelled as she snatched Demyx's Sitar. "It's time for this to go bye bye!"

"No no please," Demyx pleaded. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I won't soak you with my water nymphs any more. I promise!"

She looked him over for a moment, "," she said as she tossed it back towards him.

His eyes lit up at having his Sitar in his hands again. "Oh I'm so sorry," he patted it. "I wont put you in danger again...we can mess with someone maybe one of those loners."

"You're talking to an object?? You're delusional." Rhys snorted as she rolled her eyes and walked down a hall.

As Demyx continued to talk to his Sitar and caress it, happy he didn't loose it, a smile spread across my face at the idea I had. I took one of the rubber bands and hooked a part of the rubber band on my thumb and used my index finger and thumb on my other hand to stretch it back. I aimed for the back of Demyx's neck and shot it.

"Ow!" he yelled and then looked around the room, and then on the floor to see what hit him but nothing was in the floor. Him yelling made everyone look up and bring their attention to them "Who did that?!"

I glanced around the floor for the rubber band, but it was their. The second rubber band was still on my lap but where was the other one? For some reason I put my hand back in my pocket and felt the rubber band in that's what the shimmer was...the power of the Keyblade effected the rubber bands somewhat, so they'll return to me when out of reach. I smiled, I knew I could have fun with this. Then I took both rubber bands and aimed for Demyx's neck again and shot it.

"Ooowww!" he rubbed the back of his raw red neck, "Come on, who's messing around?" everyone was silent. "Hmph, fine...all of you will pay then for ones mistake."

When Demyx started to leave the room, I felt a pair of eyes on me as I softly started to giggle. I looked over and saw that it was Renxsuke -with his hood still on his head- glaring at me. He shook his head and then walked out of the grand hall down the hallway to his room. I seriously wanted to know what his problem was, and why he was so serious...but I knew I probably wouldn't find out. So I just decided that I will fight him again....I'll train harder and get my magic and techniques stronger...and next time I will win. He needed his ego....or whatever it check. And I gave myself the responsibility to be the one to do it.

Renxsuke came back in the grand hall, making his way past me. Just staring at his hood annoyed me. I aimed one of my rubber bands at him and shot it. He quickly lifted his hand and caught it behind his head. He looked at his hand and opened it, seeing there was nothing there. Right when he caught it, it had already returned to my pocket. He turned to look at me, and just stood there. I got up and walked over to him and lifted my hand, reaching it towards his hood.

"What are you doing?" he said flatly as he quickly grabbed my wrist, and held it up, keeping it there.

"I think it's about can show you're face now...we all know you're here, you're no longer incognito."

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