Chapter Forty One

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I sat back in one of the armchair's of the Visitor's Lounge of the Emergency Ward.
Apparently in this Ward, People spent a lot of time waiting to be able to see their loved ones, so the Hospital had opted to make the waiting time go down a little more easily.
Painting's of Currency Creek in the old days littered the walls.
A three seater lounge, along with a two seater identical one lined the long back wall.
Opposite, on the other long wall, was a refrigerator which held only milk and a jug of water, but visitor's could use it to store things they needed to while they were around.
A bench attached to the wall was beside the fridge, with a microwave on it, along with two jar's of Coffee (one normal and the other decaf), a box of tea jags and two container's of sugar (one white and the other raw) and a small sink and drying rack.
Underneath the bench were cupboards and drawers, which contained mugs, cups, utensils, cleaning cloths and tea towels.
In the middle of the room sat two small table and chairs sets, both able to seat up to four people.
The far end of the room, where I was currently sat, held two armchairs (one of which I occupied) that sat in front of the wall sized window that overlooked the back of the Hospital.
The expanse of land should have been green, but thanks to our relentless Drought, it was little more than dirt, the creek completely empty of water.
Watching the barren scenery, my heart felt even more heavy, yet like a car crash, I seemed to not be able to look away.
My Coffee was growing cold, but that was the least of my concerns.
Wednesday the 5th of April.
Mum's 38th Birthday.
If Blayze wasn't stuck here in Hospital, we'd all be celebrating with Her today.
As it was, I'd been told yesterday that Jaxon had booked a table at the Currency Creek Hotel and they were planning on dragging Me away from the Hospital to have Dinner and Cake with everybody.
I just wished we could spring Blayze and bring Him, too.
But it would probably do more harm for Him than good, with His memory of everybody currently being so frazzled.
"Do you mind if I sit down?"
Blinking my way back into the here and now, I realised that a woman who couldn't be any older than Thirty was hovering near the other armchair.
She had pink hair and wore black rectangle rimmed glasses.
Her clothes consisted of a rainbow coloured tie dye t-shirt and a pair of cut off ripped jeans.
Why was She asking Me if She could use the other chair?
"Go for it."
I encouraged Her, reaching forward to grab my no doubt now cold Coffee.
She offered Me an appreciative smile and took the seat, cradling a gently steaming mug between her hands.
I lifted my own mug to take a sip and resisted the urge to pull a disgusted face.
Definitely cold Coffee.
"Who are you here for?"
Hippie Lady asked Me, precariously balancing her warm drink on her sparsely denim covered jeans.
"My fiancé."
I told her, shifting in my seat.
Her brow turned down, an expression of sympathy on her face.
"I'm sorry to hear that."
She murmured.
"He woke up yesterday."
I informed her.
"But it seem's... in His head He's lost the last six years!"
I croaked, tear's thickening my throat.
I'd spent the night crying on and off, unsure what to think or how to feel.
I was more than glad Blayze was alive and that all was well apart from his lost memory.
But I didn't know how I'd cope if He never remembered us or our Son's.
How was I meant to tell Luka that his Daddy has no idea who He is?
"My gosh..."
Not only did Hippy Girl's hazel eyes widen, but they actually dotted with a shining of tear's.
"That's terrible..."
She whispered.
"I'm so sorry..."
Balancing my almost empty coffee onto the armrest of the chair I was sitting on, I used both my hands to wipe at my own tear filled eyes.
"I'm j-just trying to h-hope it resolves i-itself."
I struggled a little to get my words out.
I cleared my throat and hooked my left leg over the top of my right one.
"Who are you here for?"
I asked, realising She'd asked Me, but I was yet to ask Her.
"My Grandma."
She explained, turning Her gaze down to her warm drink.
"She had a fall last night."
She all but whispered.
"I'm her Carer."
She explained, lifting her gaze back up.
"I'm sorry to hear that."
I apologised.
"I hope She's okay."
She nodded quickly.
"She should be just fine. They're in that whole process of checking her from head to toe, y'know?"
I smiled weakly and nodded.
"I'm Isla, by the way."
She removed her right hand from her mug and stretched it towards Me.
I returned, giving her hand a shake.
She smiled softly.
"Nice to meet you Bailey."
I replied, taking my hand back.

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