I nodded.

Zane punched the window. It was loud alright, and glass shattered everywhere.

“WAIT! Ano yun?” narinig kong sabi ni Tiffany

“Bilis!” Zane, lifting his hand.

I ran up and grabbed his hand and he pulled me up to the window sill just before Tiffany and whoever she was talking to, opened the door to find out that we have escaped. Zane and I were on the window sill outside now, and let me tell you, the drop down was no joke. 50 feet at least. We were on the second story of a warehouse, and below was a river.

There was only one option if Zane and I wanted to escape from Tiffany.

And that was to jump.

“Wala bang ibang paraan?” tanong ko, ang taas kasi masyado at tubig pa naman yung tatalunan namin.. Oh God

“Wala na tayong oras kailangan na nating tumalon” Zane

"Pero Zane di mo naman ako tinuruan kung paano mag dive-"

“It doesn’t matter. There’s no choice. Just hold onto me, ok?” Zane

I swallowed hard in nervousness while Tiffany and her little gang of big muscled guys started towards us.


And with that, Zane came closer and took me in his arms, holding me tightly. Right then and there, I finally felt safe.


I nodded, my heart waiting for the jump.

And just as the big muscled guys could reach out and get us, we leapt off of the window sill. The drop was jaw dropping, heart dropping, and I wanted to scream but I couldn’t find my voice. I held onto Zane, tighter and tighter as we dropped.

“NOOOOOOOOOOO!!” rinig kong sigaw ni Tiffany


With the huge impact in the water, my grip on Zane somehow loosened and I found myself getting lost in the water, and I tried to open my eyes to see where Zane was but I couldn’t see him. I was running out of breathe, and I had already felt faint from the drop. Suddenly, a strong pair of arms surrounded my waist, and led me up to the surface, where I could still see bits of the sun shining. When I finally emerged from the water I found myself coughing like crazy. I couldn’t see much, and all I could feel was wetness, dizziness, and the strong arm on my waist, still pulling me to shore.

The swim to the embankment was fortunately, not too far from where Zane and I had plunged, and soon, my feet were back on the ground. Jaejoong was nevertheless panting from the swim, and I felt guilty for not trying to swim to the embankment myself. The warehouse was barely seen now, and the trees have hidden our view from it.

After coming back to my senses, Nahalata ko na yung right hand ni Zane nagdudugo. Yun yung kamay na ginamit niya para basagin yung window

"Zane...yung kamay mo nagdudugo, okay ka lang ba?" tanong ko sabay hinawakan ko yung kamay niyang nagdudugo

Nag nod si Zane tchaka nagsalita " ikaw ba, okay ka lang?" tanong niya

“Okay lang ako, eh ikaw mas malala pa yang sayo”

Zane once again looked at me and smiled.

He smiled.

 “C’mon, we need to find out where we are and get to the airport. That press conference isn’t going to go on without us” Zane strode on and left for me to follow him, not saying another word about this matter.

From what I could tell the abandoned warehouse that Tiffany chose to keep us in was secluded from any human life. After about three hours of mindlessly wandering around the woods, it was already getting dark.

“Ano na gagawin natin ngayon?” tanong ko

“Hindi ko alam, mahirap magpatulong ng gabi” Zane paused and I knew what was coming next.

“We might have to sleep here overnight, and then try again in the morning”

“Wait…sleep here? In the forest? kasama ka?” tanong ko, trying to clarify all of this.

“I guess so. It’s our only choice. And if we do find help tomorrow then I’ll call for a private jet and they’ll just take us to LA. The press conference isn’t until tomorrow at 5.”

All I did was nod since I had no idea how this was going to work. I didn’t even know where we were. In the woods, yeah, but where? But soon, after a few more minutes of walking, Zane and I had found a clearing, and the ground was level and even. Zane seemed to be an expert at this kind of outdoor-ee, camping stuff.

"Sanay kaba sa ganito?" tanong ko, habang tumitingin kami ng firewood

“Used to. Back in middle school and my elementary days. But in high school our family stopped for some reason” Zane

“Ah ganun ba”

After gathering enough wood, Zane and I headed back to the clearing and soon, a good sized fire was brewing in front of us. Good thing too because the sky was already pitch black. Both of our clothes have dried by now but Zane’s hand was still untreated. Soon, I couldn’t stand it anymore.

While he was sitting by the fire, I went down to the creek by our campsite and used part of the scarf I was wearing as a towel. Then I slightly dabbed his hand with it, just to clean it up a bit. I ripped off the wet part of the scarf and let it dry, then used the other dry half to wrap it around his hand.

“Di mo namang kailangan gawin yan, okay naman ako” Zane

“Ayokong ma infected ka. And plus di ko hahayaang makita yang kamay mo na nagdudugo. Looking at it creeps me to death” sabi ko

Zane didn’t say anything as I tied a small knot to my scarf, securing it tightly on his hand.

"Uhm..salamat" Zane

I nodded and after that nod came a yawn.

“Tired?” Zane asked.

I nodded again.

“So am I” Zane set his head back on the big leaves that we’d picked out to use for pillows. Our blankets were basically our jackets, which were still slightly wet.

I laid down right next to him and our bodies were so close that our shoulders were overlapping. I could hear his even breathing, smell his scent, feel his touch. Even with the coolness of the night air around me I felt warm with him next to me.

I turned around to face him, gazing at his face which was now facing mine. Slowly, Zane’s eyelids opened, and seeing me, he grinned. We kept our eyes on each other, just staring, before the both of us drifted off to sleep.

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