twenty nine

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"what about this one?" i bit my lip, showing my friends the apartment i visited the other day.

"no, this is too big for you to live by yourself" zane said, making me roll my eyes before showing them the loft.

"i think this one is perfect" i scrolled through the photos.

"and you were thinking about that apartment?" matt grabbed my phone. "phe, that's amazing!" he exclaimed.

"we all want to see it, asshole" david said, pushing matt's hand so he could see. "this is a really cool place" he looked at me.

"what are you waiting for? go sign the papers to rent it!" zane shook my shoulders.

"i don't know" i sighed. "my dad still insists in paying my rent, so i don't want a place expensive like this one" i explained and matt have my phone back. "i mean, studio city is really expensive so i don't know what to do"

"talk to him, i'm pretty sure he will understand" david said rubbing my thigh. "and you're rich, you don't have to worry about rent"

"having money doesn't mean that you should be irresponsible" i rolled my eyes.

"it was a joke" david shoved my leg. "but trust me, he will be very happy that you're moving to this really cool place"

i nodded and started to look at the photos again. it was practically october and timmy and charlie were almost done packing to go to massachusetts and move to new york. i chose to not be there helping because i know i'm gonna cry the whole time.

david leaned closer to me and i looked at him. "hey, i know you are worried, but don't be, okay?" he whispered. "i'll always be here for you"

"thanks dave" i smiled and he gave me a quick peck.

"aw, that's so cute" matt joked while david readjusted himself on the couch, laying his head on my lap.

"you better stop trying to be the number one fan of david and ophelia bitch, cause i'm right here" zane said in a sassy tone.

"so what?" matt joined him in the joke.

"i was here when they shared feelings, i was here for the first fight, the first kiss, first time, get in line!" he counted on his fingers.

"we were both here for all of that!"

"no you weren't here when we all heard ophelia loudly moaning david's name!" this went too far.

"hey! stop talking about my sex life" i said while i was running my hand through david's hair. "zane, you need to stop bringing that up or i will kill you" david laughed.

"oh, phe" matt giggled. "if you only knew that zane already told everyone in our friend group"

"i figured" i shot him a glare. after that, matt and zane asked david if they could use his house to film an ad. they went outside, saying it was something about pork.

we stayed like that for a couple of hours, with me watching david edit some stuff from his new vlog. then, he went outside, where they were filming so he could film too, talking about the new painting in jason and todd's house.

charlie✨: hi can u
please come home? i want
to spend all my time with u
so get your ass back here

phe😋: i'm coming bby
do you want me to bring anything?

charlie✨: just your presence

phe😋: omw (almost)

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