Chapter 5

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Annabeth P.O.V
When Tony shot at me I think I felt my life flash before my eyes, even though he said it wouldn't kill me. But for some reason, it didn't hit me, I opened my eyes and looked at what had stopped the blast. Cerberus. That made me angry, not at Cerberus, but at Tony, Cerberus quickly got up and looked at me. I looked Tony in the eye and once he recovered from his shock, he aimed it back at me. But I was quick, I was already up and slamming a foot into his gut, I whistled for Cerberus and he ran beside me. I grabbed Percy's hand, dragging him along the ground. I spotted Apollo hopping off a motor bike, he winked at me and mouthed 'take it,' so I did.

I was now racing on a motorbike, Percy slung over the back of it as Cerberus ran beside me. Tony wasn't far behind me, flying in the air, an American flag dude had dropped from a giant jet and had grabbed Black Widow and Hawkeye, I recognised him as Captain America, I resumed back to racing on the motorbike, Cerberus by my side. We were coming to a dead end but I didn't know what do, I turned quickly and drove the other way, Tony took a while because he had been going full speed and had to slow down, only now was he turning around, I looked back and he was gaining on me so I reved the engine some more before I turned down an alleyway, there was a fence blocking me from the mainstreet so I crashed through it, Cerberus not far behind as he crashed through it too, right as Tony blasted at me, I missed it by a centimetre, I raced passed cars and came to a stop in front of a starbucks, I quickly turned and pushed my foot, I went pass Tony just as he was turning around. Suddenly a sharp turn came and I wasn't ready, I crashed into a large black brick wall, graffiti covering it head to toe, I realised Cerberus was gone and heard a voice in my head. 'He's here in the underworld, we had some problems with the clone,' I raised my head up as Tony raised his hand, the last thing I saw was Percy slowly getting up, only to get shot, the exact same time I got shot. Then everything went black. And the last thing I felt? Percy grabbing my hand and squeezing it slightly.

I was going to leave it here but I'm not that mean.

Percy P.O.V
I wake up only to black out again, but before tin man had shot his blue shot thingy, I was able to grab Annabeth's limp hand and gave it a weak squeeze. Right before we were knocked out.

I woke up for a second time, this time I was in a room surrounded by stone walls, I was sitting on a chair with a table in front of me, a chair on the other side, my hands were tied behind me, the only light was a flickering bulb on the ceiling above me.

The red head in a cat suit came in, swaying her hips slightly. I watched her sit down and place her hands in front of her on a table. "First of all, who was that girl that helped you Perseus?" I slightly growled at the word Perseus, "Just Percy, and I think you should be telling me who you guys are before I answer your questions," she looked a bit taken back but regained her confident posture, "I am Black Widow, The guy in the red and yellow suit is Iron Man, you might know him as Tony Stark?" When I shook my head she continued, "the man in the purple with the bow and arrow is Hawkeye, the man in American flag suit is Captain America and another who wears a scientist that can turn into a great big green monster is Hulk," I nodded my head, slowly taking it all in. "Now, who was that girl, Percy," I silently had an argument in my head about whether or not telling her, the winning side was telling her the truth, "Annabeth," Black Widow looked at me pointedly, "Last name?"
"I don't have a reason to tell you!"
"Look, we think you are a terrorist so you now do have a reason," she said, she looked at me sternly, I chuckled, "I'm no terrorist, and, Annabeths last name has nothing to do with me!" (A/N; not yet anyways... *cough* Annabeth Jackson *cough* ;))
"Fine, well explain the fact that you have been kicked out of nearly every school you've been to and you accidentally dropped your class into a shark tank, blew up a band room! And then you were seen during the Mt. Helens explosion?" 
"For the Mt. Helens one, wrong place, wrong time, the shark tank? We were scuba diving but some people freaked and fell in, and I was the only one near them who hadn't fallen in so it looked like I had dropped them in there, as for the band room, I had been walking by the band room and had gone in to grab... my, uh, guitar! I was grabbing my guitar when the end of my guitar hit the light in the room, it let sparks fly and that landed on paper, it expanded and because I was there, it again, looked like I had done it." Those were all complete lies but I had nothing else, so I, of course wasn't going to tell them, 'hey I'm a demigod, child of a god and I fight monsters! Thats why those things happened!' I definitely wasn't going to say that!

"Fine, those are your explanations? We'll talk to director Fury before letting you go, but for now, you'll sit in a cell while we discuss what to do with you." With that, she left, the Flag guy, Captain America, came in next, he dragged me off the chair and put me in a cell, next to Annabeth's. I peaked out through a window that we could see outside, I did a taxi cab whistle and sure enough, a certain Black Pegasus came zooming towards me, he turned around just in time and bucked, or whatever it's called for a flying horse. The wall crumbled down and I told him to do the same with Annabeths, the wall crumbled in her cell, and I hopped onto BlackJack, a startled Annabeth came racing out before smiling. "Hop on!" I called, she jumped over the rocks and grabbed my outstretched hand, she swung behind me and held on tight, her arms circling my waist. Hey boss! Got an doughnuts? I laughed a bit at his usual question. No sorry, and don't call me boss! Ok boss! I sighed but held onto Blackjacks mane with one hand while the other clung to Annabeths arms that squeezed my stomach gently. "Hang on!" I called over the wind, she placed her head on my shoulder and nodded, out of the corner of my eye I saw her eyes close and smiled gently. I turned my head carefully, so not to wake up the now sleeping Annabeth and placed a soft kiss of her forehead, a small smile was placed on her lips, I looked over her head at the cells, agents were running out, armed with guns, I smiled winningly as me and Annabeth soared over to camp half blood.

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