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It's amazing how friends can make you forget about anything in an instant. They are always there for me when I'm feeling low. When Dean found out that what was between Amy and I was only an act to convince Emma I've moved on, he bragged me to go skateboarding with them. So we did. And....... I pretty much broke my arm. But at least, I've got something to worry about other than moving on.

Our kissing scene on Perks got nominated at the 2013 MTV Movie Awards but I didn't care anymore because it didn't matter to her at all.

When I was chosen to present Emma her Trailblazer Award, I was happy cause at least I still had a little part in her life. She went to the awards with her boyfriend but it didn't matter anymore cause there she was, in her beautiful dress, looking beautiful as always. I sat beside Will. He sat beside her. And it was hard to focus on the show with them talking sweetly beside me. But I did my best.

When my name was called by Eddie to give out my speech for Emma, I was both nervous and proud.

I was shaking when I delivered my speech but as the words were slowly released from my mouth, I relaxed a bit.

"When I first met Emma, we bonded instantly. And off camera, she became like family. And while filming Noah, second movie, it was comforting to know I have a close friend by my side. Emma's one of the most genuine, kind, hardworking actors I know and she takes on each role with the fearlessness and enthusiasm, which truly makes her a trailblazer."

I gave her the mic and we hugged briefly. Then she gave out her wonderful acceptance speech. I was just in awe all the time. Then me, Emma and Eddie took a picture backstage. Emma then went back to sit with Will. I did too. Well, obviously.

After the show, I've realized that I did the right thing. And I will never regret about it. I know there's more to the whole book than the page I am stuck on.

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