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We were back again with the awkward silence. I guessed it was hard to act casually with her after what happened.

She was still going out with Will. Guessed she didn't tell him anything about our encounter. But it made me sad because their relationship was still growing intensely. I wondered if she thinks of me when they kiss.

I've realized it didn't matter to her anything that happened between us. And it hurt me. A lot. And she was avoiding to talk with me or even be left alone with me. And I get it. If you want a relationship to work out, you gotta get rid of the third party. I was the third party.

So I gave up. I didn't want to ruin another relationship. I want to be loved by someone who will fight for me. And she deserves someone better than me.

It hit me that she deserved Will after all. Maybe I was just blinded with too much jealousy. He is understanding, kind and he thinks of Emma the same way I think of her. Not just an actress or a famous person. But more than what the normal eye can see. He's like me. Only he's already with Emma.

I wanted to convince Emma that I've moved on so I asked her friend Amy to help me. She was so amazed to find out about my feelings towards Emma, she hardly believed what I told her. But she understood. Amy was so generous and kind enough to help me out. She even gave me an idea. We took a picture of us kissing each other and posted it online. And I was forever grateful to her.

We finally finished filming Percy Jackson. And months later, the official trailer was released.

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