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"So.....the two of you ended up badly," Ezra said, joining me on the couch, looking at the others while they were dancing.

I was drinking what the party was serving and just nodded.

"I can't believe it," Ezra blurted out.

I stared at him questioningly.

"You're giving up," Ezra chuckled. The he laughed.

I took another swig from my glass again.

"You know, the Logan I knew was a fighter. He'd never give up on anything," Ezra said. Then he patted my knees and left.

I just looked at Emma from afar and realized what a total loser I was.

The drink was making me dizzy so I stopped and went to the bathroom to take a leak.

But I didn't pee. I just stared at myself at the mirror. It made me sad. Ezra was right. She may be dating Will at the moment but the love we shared was different. And I knew she felt that too. I splashed a handful of water to my face and wiped it with a towel. I could win her back, even if it would make me vulnerable.

Emma was serving herself a drink in the bar. I leaned my shoulder at the wall and used it as a support while I remained motionless watching her clank bottles and mix the liquids into a glass.

Then she noticed me staring at her. She was so surprised, she almost shrieked.

"I thought I saw a ghost," she gasped, her hand holding her chest.

"I don't think you're that drunk to see one," I said, smiling.

Then she continued pouring things into her drink.

I walked towards her and leaned in with my arms resting on the table. "I didn't know you're into bartending," I teased while glancing at her drink.

"I'm not," she retorted. "I just learned this from someone."

"Oh, must be Will," I smirked. Then she stopped and swallowed one shot. She was taking it in slowly, closed eyes.

"Do you love him?" I suddenly asked her.

She opened her eyes. We looked at each other for seconds when she finally muttered, "I do." She poured another into the glass.

I grabbed it and took it in one swig.

"How much?" The liquid warmed my throat and chest.

She took the glass from my grasp and poured another one. "I love him.... enough," she spluttered while drinking another shot.

"Do you love me?" I urged on.

She didn't answer. "Logan," she mumbled.

I stepped forward and leaned in. My face was just a centimeter away from hers, I could smell her breath. I was about to kiss her when she turned her head away, my lips brushing her hair instead.

"Logan," she whispered. "I'm with Will now. Please, don't meddle in it like what you did between Johnny and I."

I leaned back. "I didn't," I admitted, realizing something. "He was cheating on you. That's why I punched him."

She sneered. "Logan, don't make anything up please. You're just making it worse."

"I'm not," I exclaimed. "You deserve better, Em." I touched her shoulder.

She shivered and stepped back from me.

"And you consider yourself better?" she scowled, glaring at me from head to foot. Then she stormed out with the bottle in her hand.

It took me awhile to sink in what she just said.

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