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"Mom... Dad... I'm gay."


"I will not tolerate you being gay! Do you hear me?! "

"Fuck off! I didn't raise my son like this! "

"I don't want a faggot son! "

"Just go kill yourself you gay asshole! "

All these words...

And I can't take it...


I woke up to my alarm sounding off.

another day, another sad rehearsal.

I stumbled out of bed and to my closet.

I should have stayed in here.

I opened the doors to reveal the same thing.

just school uniforms and hoodies.

I pulled on a hoodie, not planning on even going to school. Just skipping.

I walked downstairs, preparing myself for the harsh beating.

once I reached the end of the stairs, I inhaled sharply.

"morning Jungkook. Did you sleep well? "

I looked up in pure shock. My mother greeted me. "We have big plans for you today! "

"we are taking you to see Father Taehyung and Sister Maria! "

I widened my eyes. "What?! " I exclaimed.
"We've decided to cleanse you! We don't need gays in our house! " My mother exclaimed.

no more gays?

"uh. Mother. I-"
"Oh come on sweetie! It will be great! "


also, has it even came to her mind she's shipping me off to a male?

"Jungkook, the sweetie, don't think too much of it. Find it as a good thing." Jungkook's mother stood in front of him.

His father came behind his mother and placed a hand on her shoulder. "After you become cleansed, you can finally marry Jiwoo! "He smiled.

Jiwoo has been my best friend since we were little. Her parents where a leading rival in the family business.

I can never imagine marrying her.
My great grandparents already arranged our wedding to merge the businesses together for some odd fucking reason.

"Jiwoo? She's already dating Minseo! " I blurted. I quickly regretted saying what I said. My parents glanced at each other. "Isn't  Minseo a girl? " My mother asked.

I slowly nodded. "Fucking Jesus! What's up with nasty ass faggots?! " My father pushed a glass cup off the counter next to him. I flinched at the sound of the glass shattering.

My mother turned to him. "Honey! Calm down! " She grabbed his shirt to calm him down.

Inside I felt like fire was spreading. Outside I felt paralyzed.

No one talks about my best friend like that.

No one.

I clenched my fists.
Anger that I kept in started rising.
The veins in the back of my hand raised.

I slowly turned around and walked outside.

"Jungkook! " I heard my mother call.

I saw Jiwoo and Minseo walking down the street, holding hands.

My parents walked outside on the porch.

I ran towards them.
"Oh, hi Jungkook! " Jiwoo smiled. "Noona, I have no time to explain but you need to take Minseo and get out of here. Take her and yourself far away. And never come back. " I explained what I could.

"Wh- why?! " Jiwoo's smile slowly turned into a frown. The yelling from my parents turned into the yelling of her parents as well.

I looked down in guilt. Jiwoo looked at me angrily. "I didn't mean to! I'm so sorry. " I pleaded.

Jiwoo sighed. "Get hurry and go! " I mumbled. The two girls nodded and turned back. They ran hand in hand down the street.

I watched as my best friend for over 10 years ran away from me.

I felt a hand on my shoulder, grabbing it harshly and pulling me back. "I don't I can even call you my son. "

I looked up at my father.

The next two hours narrowed down because I don't want to explain pretty much consisted of the long car ride.

Jungkook sat in the back with his headphones shoved in his ears to block out his father's harsh remarks about Jiwoo.

I drowned my hearing with Troye Sivan's Fools.
Jiwoo and I obsessed over this song. We thought mostly the beginning defined us really well.

I am tired of this place, I hope people change
I need time to replace what I gave away
And my hopes, they are high, I must keep them small
Though I try to resist I still want it all

Just listening to the song brought back so many amazing memories with Jiwoo.

Only ten years ago, Jiwoo was eight while I was seven. She had told me some boy in her class called her a whore. I marched down to her class before school and punched the boy, I got into trouble but at least Jiwoo was okay.

"Jungkook, " My mom called. "We're here. " I looked up at the old house.

It was small. It looked at least like the dinosaurs watched someone build it.

A male walked out. He had dark brown hair with little streaks of green in the front.

I instantly felt my heart leap. He was obviously hot as fuck.

I paused my music and stepped outside the car.

"You must be Jungkook. I'm Taehyung. " He reached his hand out to me. My hand slowly reached his.

His hands where bigger then mine, it latched onto my only slightly smaller hand.

A lady walked out in a black gown. "This is sister Maria. As you see, she's a nun. " Taehyung motioned to her.

I winced at the word nun. Yeah, I've been terrified of nuns since I was five.

This isn't gonna be fun.

Yeah idk

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