Best Buds (Kram)

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Hello, everyone! So, this is a bit different from the usual; I hope you enjoy it!

Ram's POV

Welcome to Westerberg High, home of the Rottweilers, the den of the Heathers, and probably the gayest school in history. On the down low, not all of us are gay, that's the majority. Anyways, we're currently in Algebra 2, it sucks balls, not at the level I do. Kurt and I have been best friends since kindergarten, and I loved him ever since, you know, as a friend. But, since the start of our freshman year, I've had the biggest crush on him.

I don't know how the dating scene works, so I've decided to ask for some help. It's an obvious answer as to who I'd call for assistance, the two energetic wonders, Heather McNamara and her girlfriend, Heather Duke. I refuse to have Chandler and Veronica help me, they are always so busy eating each other out to even care.

"Remember, the test is on Friday, make sure to study!" Mr. Wilson slouched in his chair

We exited the classroom and headed out for the first break. I search around for the green and yellow duo; they usually hang around their lockers. As I think that, Duke is putting something in her cabinet while Mac walks about to her with books in hand.

"Hey, babe! I missed you!" Mac smiled as she pecked Duke's cheek

"Honey, it's only been one period!" Duke joked

"But, still, I missed you!"

Now's my chance to sneak up on the mating lesbians in their natural habitat. I head forward to the young couple with sweaty palms and legs like spaghetti. Wiping the sweat from my brow, I stop near them and muster up the courage to speak, only to have Mac squeal in surprise.

"Oh, h-hey Ram! Golly, you surprised me!" McNamara squeaked with her western accent peeking out

"Ugh," Duke scoffed, "What do you want, Ram?"

Of course, I'm not the brightest at speaking the English language, believe me, look at my grades.

"I'm gay, and I need help!" I rubbed the back of my head sheepishly

The duo looked at each other's eyes and faced towards me once more. Duke giggled and groped Mac's ass as if it was a way of communicating. Girls are such weird and confusing creatures. How is it possible that they speak without saying words? Seriously, they're only raising their eyebrows and rubbing their noses together.

"We'll help you get that ass! So, who's the lucky guy?" Mac's accent turned even stronger

"Kurt, you know, the school's quarterback?" I twiddle my thumbs in nervousness

"Oh, you mean the soft but mighty Kurt Kelly? Oh yeah, he's as free as a rat with his tail on fire!" Mac bounced

"For fuck's sake, where's the accent coming from?" Dukie asked, obviously annoyed with Mac's antics

"Well, ya' see, it comes down from down south in Alabama,"

As Mac rambles on about how tough the country is, while Duke and Ram go over some 'advanced' dating tips. Duke lectures the poor football player about how to kiss properly, how to dress, and how to *ahem* 'do dirty things.' Which it didn't help Ram, as the two girls were hardcore lesbians. So, you can imagine that their advice wasn't too helpful regarding sex.

"Umm, I'm a gay man, not a girly-girl like you. Besides, we aren't dating, yet." I argue

"I'm preparing for your future! Now, get out there, and suck his jumbo shrimp!" Duke replied with a cocky smile on her face

"Ye, give em' some of yer nut!" Mac spat out

I walked away from the odd couple and searched for a towering giant of a quarterback. Personally, I didn't fall for Kurt because of his exterior, it was his heart that shot mine out of the sky. He has helped many people that struggled to get around, those who were bullied and those who have disabilities. He's a great guy! People misconstrue him as an evil bully, he primarily bullies the Heathers, and it's understood. Chandler always seemed to be a bottom anyways.

I find him in the hallway, staring into a mirror while grooming his hair with his hands. His brown hair glistening, his ass firm, and his green eyes shining like an emerald. Fuck it, I'm not going to be a nervous boy anymore, just do it now! I stomp my way to him and tap on his shoulder aggressively. He turns around and looks down at me as I'm a head shorter than he is.

"Wassup, Ramaroni?" Kurt said in his usual 'bro' voice

"Nothin' much" I eased

"Bro, I was wondering, um, if you wanted to, um, to go over to my house and do some gay shit?"

"Gay shit?"

"Y-yeah, I'm kind of into you dude, if you haven't noticed," Kurt replied with a blush on his face

"Oh, I, uh, I like you too," I breathed a relieved sigh

Veronica and her bottom bitch, Heather Chandler were squealing with excitement. Duke and Mac were with them too; they were bouncing around with glee. Kurt grasps my hand, and we walk off to the cafeteria. My head rests on his shoulder as we walk in. Even though I think of Kurt as the perfect dude, he is still a bit pig-headed for his own good.

"Bro, your dick is hard, like everyone can see it!" Kurt monotones

"Dude," I pause and lean into his ear, "Wanna suck it off so it would calm down?"

"Not on the first date, dummy!"

"Damn it, Kurt!" I facepalmed

"Maybe if you're a good boy for the rest of the day, I might change my mind," Kurt purred

A few hours pass, and we're at my place. Currently, we're on the couch cuddling, and it feels... quite nice. No wonder why the Heathers talk about it so much, it's comfortable with the one you love. Cuddling makes me so warm inside and makes my dick even harder than ever before.

Unfortunately, he didn't give me any of his 'jumbo shrimp,' but he at least gave me a free coupon to a movie. For now, it'd be best for the both of us to remain gay best friends for the sake of our reputation and so that the school doesn't kick us off the football team, yeah, we know, they're a bunch of homophobes. But, after high school, I might just propose to this gay asshole at our graduation. In this world, we only have each other, and I'm going to make sure we have the best lives together.

I hope you enjoyed! Let me know if you want more of this. Also, this was very weird for me to write as I'm straight. Sidenote: I like to think of Mac having a western or southern accent for some reason.



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