Starving(For You)

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Seulgi over the next few days continued to spam Joohyun with little to no reply. All she ever got was a few oh hi. Or I'm good.

She groaned at not being able to find the girl.
Seulgi was at the supermarket at this time and Joohyun was still on her mind. 

Seulgi reaches for a pint of mint ice cream as ice cream was the only comfort food right now. Another petite hand reached for it too.

Seulgi flinched and snapped her head to look at the girl.

The girl was wearing a face mask and cap so Seulgi couldn't see the woman clearly but she knew it Joohyun.

"J-Joohyun?"Seulgi cried out.

"I- Seulgi..,"Joohyun mumbled, glancing around a bit, as if she was being watched.

"I'm so glad your safe! I thought something happened!"Seulgi pulled Joohyun into a big hug. "Are you okay? Why did you leave?"

"I-I'm fIne. I really need to go. I'm sorry- uh,"Joohyun's eyes widened as she looked into the hall. She pushed Seulgi off as a tall woman came to wrap her arms around Joohyun.

Joohyun was clearly uncomfortable with this. She flinched and distanced herself from the woman.

"Oh. Hi Sooyoung,"Seulgi mumbled through her teeth.

"Oh hey Seulgi! I remember you. I see you've met my girlfriend,"Sooyoung smirked.

Seulgi turned away.

"Yeah. No dip Sherlock. Anyway, I'll see you again I guess,"Seulgi sighed, obviously hurt. She turned to walk away and out of the store glancing back to see Joohyun making a heart with her hands.

Joohyun started to mouth a few words seulgi could barely make out.

I love you.

Sorry the chapter is so short! I was just trying to give you guys an update!

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