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I was struggling between going to the premiere of Emma's latest movie, My Week With Marilyn, or just stay put.

I was in New York at the moment. I decided to travel earlier than the date for The Three Musketeers premiere just so I could meet her. We haven't had any communication since that day we were together. Not even a message. I just presumed it was like a one-night stand. And I hated thinking about it.

So I went to New York to see her. I needed the truth why she was acting weird.

I could see Emma from a distance walking on the red carpet, dressed on her favorite dress designed by her favorite designer. She looked so elegant and beautiful, all my memories of us together flooded back to my head. She was walking, hand in hand, with Eddie. They did the movie together. I know I shouldn't be jealous but that should've been me with her.

They entered the theater. It was about to start. I quickly hid from the reporters and papparazzis and secretly entered the building.

I managed to get inside. Luckily, the stars were still chatting. I noticed Emma rummage something inside her bag and picked up her phone. I walked towards her.

''You could've just called me, Em,'' I said, surprising her.

''L-Logan,'' she stammered, her face shocked. ''I didn't expect to see you here.''

''Did you?'' I taunted her. My voice was stern.

She didn't seem to care I was there. She beamed to her co-actors and waved.

''I need to go, Logan. Nice meeting you,'' she went on.

I was puzzled. I grabbed her arm. ''Emma, it was just one dial away. I called you like a million times. Why won't you answer?'' I bragged on.

''Logan,'' she muttered, breaking out from my grasp. ''Not here, okay?''

''Why not?'' I raised my arms questioningly. ''When? Until another movie?''

Maybe my voice was so loud because the guard was making his way towards me.

''Then stop calling me,'' she bleated out. ''Stop following me. Leave me alone.''

''So it didn't mean anything to you what we did back there?'' I sneered. I was about to lean in to kiss her when the guard spoke, ''Is this young man bothering you, Miss Watson?''

''No, sir, he was just leaving,'' she answered, her two glazing brown eyes staring at me.

I looked at her, bewildered. Then she turned and joined the rest of the cast as they entered the room.

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