The dm's

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Mia's POV//
I suddenly woke up. I looked at the time- 6:34. Shit ! I woke up late. I quickly get out of bed and find a old hoodie in my closet. Without looking at it I slipped it on over my sleep shirt. I rushed over to my dresser and got some sweat pants. I ran to my bathroom and I grabbed my black straight locks and tossed them into a sleepy bun. I quickly brushed my teeth, slipped on some off brand gucci flip flops
and then I ran out my door.

As I was walking to the bus stop a nice G wagon drove by me. Normally I don't notice cars but it was just unusual to see such a nice car in my neighborhood. I mean don't get me wrong my neighborhood was nice but it wasn't G wagon worthy.
I didn't think too much of it

I finally get to the bus stop and luckily the bus is still yet to come. As I get there Charlie is there waiting for me; he looks shocked almost. Wonder why hmm

"Why are you late ?" He asked
"I woke up late" I replied
"You Like never wake up late.. you okay ?" No. I'm not okay. This random guy took up my whole mind so I couldn't sleep. That almost sounds desperate. Like the first guy that gives me attention- I can't get any sleep because I'm thinking about him. Whatever.
"Yeah I just couldn't sleep" I replied a little late
"Yeah I know" he rolled his eyes "you woke me up at like 3am last night" he said annoyed
"Oh um yeah I'm sorry" I said feeling guilty
There was a short silence then he spoke
"What was that all about ?" He asked
"I just thought you gave my number to someone"
"Why would you think that" he laughed
"Oh because he said he got my number from you but I don't believe him" I spoke almost softly- only because I was still waking up. Charlie looked genuinely confused.
"Who's the guy ?" He asked
"Grant ?" I said almost as a question. I opened my bright phone and scrolled through me and Grants messages. I found the beautiful picture of him and showed Charlie.
Charlie's face looked confused
"Do you know him?" I asked him picking up on his confusion
"Umm no I don't think so" he said still confused.
"Hm weird" I said brushing the whole situation off
"But he's hot as fuck, Bitch- if you don't hop on his dick.." he said laughing
"Charlie" I said bluntly "I don't even know the guy" I continued
"I'm just saying... he's hot" he said while looking at me sideways
"Yeah I know" I said laughing a little

As I said that the bus rolled up. We had stopped talking because we were focused on getting on to the bus. We patiently waited for the crowd of students to get on the bus then we got on. Charlie went before me and I could still see confusion on his face. It concerns me that he was this worried about a random guy texting me. Like it's not that big of a deal..... maybe Charlie does know Grant and maybe he did give him my number or something.....

Me and Charlie sat down at row 23. Our normal spot. As soon as we got on the bus everyone started yelling. Our bus was wild. All our bus drivers quit and we were always getting new bus drivers every 3 weeks or so. We had all the dumbass stoners on our bus. They were all loud but yet we were all friends. The bus ride was wild but fun ? I mean don't get me wrong I hated the people but I also liked them at the same time. Me and the people on the bus all had weird friendships. But this one kid always seemed to catch my eye. He was the most annoying kid and the loudest kid on the bus but he was kinda cute. I've always wanted to fuck him. But that will never happen.

We got to school at 7:45 right on schedule. I always hated that. How we were always on a schedule; how everything was planned out for us. Whatever.

The day went on as normal. As planned. As scheduled. Right before lunch started I got a text from Grant.

Grant: hey you ;)
Me: hi
Grant: so I did something for you
Me: oh ?
I was kinda worried. I just met this dude last night- actually I haven't even met him...
Grant: well I'm gonna do something for you
Me: umm okayyy ??
Grant: well I saw you walking to your bus stop and you looked like you had just woke up
Me: yeah I woke up late
Grant: thought so. That's why I'm getting you some snacks and a drink for lunch :)
Me: you don't have to do that
Grant: but what if I want to
Grant: you can't stop me
Me: okay I guess
Grant: I'll come by and give it to you in a few minutes
Me: okay, I sit by the dance hall
Grant: 👍🏻

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