Chapter 19

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Getting out of the building only to find out that it had started to snow outside. The white specks fell softly onto the ground and it tickled my nose as one snowflake had landed. It was the first snowfall of the year. I turned to look at Pierce with a cheeky grin on my face.

"I don't think ice cream is a good idea right now." I puckered.

Pierce chuckled from beside me, "Yeah, hot coffee then?"

We walked into a nearby café. As the sweet aroma had wafted our senses, the tension had been completely lifted between us. Pierce chose to sit by a large window with a clear view of the snowed streets. He told me to wait as he ordered for us. Holding two cups, he handed me my order which was a hot cup of chocolate with a huge dollop of whipped cream, drizzled with chocolate sauce while Pierce ordered a cup of café latte.

I held my mug with both hands, relishing the warmth that crawled up my skin. Blowing on my hot chocolate, I tried to sip as I evaded burning my tongue. Pierce's hand reached out to swipe something across my upper lip.

"You had cream on your lip." He chuckled, making me struggle to find a napkin as I mumbled a thank you.

We chattered for some time until we had to go home. "I'll pick you up on Sunday." Pierce had said as we exited the café. I waved goodbye as I told him that I would see him tomorrow, making my way towards the opposite direction. I usually took the bus home but in critical weather, I would hail a cab. I really didn't mind, I liked walking. It helped me think which relaxes my mind. Pierce had insisted me to ride with him but I refused seeing as I didn't want him to drive me around. He sulked like a baby but I had to put my foot on the ground, saying no. Much to my dismay, he didn't give up as much as I told him that I was okay. If he was to drag me to his car again then I would no longer hesitate to beat his ass.

I found my way home after commuting for half an hour. Hugh was in his room probably working. I stuck my head inside his door and saw that he had a lot of papers scattered all over his desk. His brows were furrowed while he wore his thick framed glasses, concentrating on sketching a new design. There were colorful fabric that was strewn on his bed and some roughly made dresses lying on the floor.

He looked up as he heard his door creak. The creases from his forehead relaxed when he saw me. "Hey girl," he smiled, his eyes tired and I could tell he hadn't eaten yet.

"Do you want me to order pizza?" I offered.

"What time is it?" He rubbed his tired eyes, yawning.

"Almost seven o'clock." I told him. All I could do to help was call a pizza delivery service since I was starving as well.

He groaned as he realized the time, "So hungry. Please feed me."

I laughed, "Alright, hold on. Let me make the call." Closing the door behind me, I called a pizza place that was just nearby. Twenty minutes later, the Margherita pizza I ordered had arrived. I went to the kitchen to prepare Hugh a plate of pizza together with a glass of water. Carrying a tray with his food, I entered his room and placed the tray on his side table beside his bed, avoiding all his paperwork that were scattered on his area.

"Thanks mom," he joked but I knew he was thankful.

"Call if you need anything." I chuckled, earning a grin as he went back to sketching.

I went back outside to prepare myself a slice then ate as I lounged back on the sofa, watching a variety show on television. My eyes started to droop and that was when I decided to retire to bed.

The next day I had called Gran to tell her about my trip. She was ecstatic to see me go out of the country, not showing any signs of dismay when I told her I wouldn't be able to spend Christmas with them.

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