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''How do I look?'' Emma asked.

We were in her hotel room just minutes before the after-party. I wore a white shirt under a black blazer. She was in the bathroom. And I was watching the tv, my back at her.

''What did yo--?'' I turned around and saw how stunning she looked.

''You. . . .,'' I stammered. '' Are beautiful.''

She was wearing a red cocktail dress that would make guys swoon. She's perfect.

''That's sweet, Logan. I look horrible, though,'' she said, checking herself on the mirror, turning on every occasion.

''What? You look perfect, Em.'' So beautiful.

And it was awhile til I took my eyes off her.

''We shouldn't be late. Ezra would be annoyed,'' she said, noticing the awkward silence.

I stood up. Brushed my hair with my hand. And turned the tv off.

''What's that smell--?'' she stopped. '' Mmmmm. You smell good tonight. You goin' out with someone after?''

I was hoping you'd fill in, I thought to myself.

''It's just cologne,'' I admitted.

She smiled. As she walked out the room, I sniffed my shirt. Ezra was right. Chicks dig it.


Am I really doing this? I asked myself as I walked down the dimly lit stairway with her. I could lose her as a friend. But I couldn't live this lie forever. There was silence. We haven't talked about a thing since we left her room which was kind of odd since we always have something to talk about. The only sound I could hear were the sounds of our steps our feet were making and her light breathing.

Through the bright light casted from the full moon outside the hotel, I could see how her beauty was reflected before my eyes. I knew this had to be the moment. We were near the floor where the party was held when I called her.

''Em--,'' I stopped.

''There you are,'' Johnny said. Then gave her a kiss on the lips. He looked at me. ''Hey, Logan. ''

''Hey," I answered back, forcing a smile.

He was in his suit and tie.

''Come on. The party's 'bout to start.'' He held Emma's hand but she hesitated for a moment. Then she held him too.

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