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| B R A D E N |

Conner was f*cking beautiful. His body appeared like it was sculpted by the moon goddess herself, perfect in every way. He was made of toned muscle, so delicious Braden just wanted to lick every surface of him. The way he squirmed and panted on his mattress drove Braden up the wall.

     The ride to his place was tense, arousal thick in the air. Braden could practically taste it on his tongue. As soon as they arrived, Braden was dragging him inside as fast as he could. There was nothing that would stop him from f*cking Conner into next week. Nothing.

      Braden pushed him gently onto his bed, pulling his own shirt up and over his head. He threw it to the side, not caring where it landed. His dark skin was flushed and hot to the touch. Running a hand through his tight curls, he climbed on top of Conner, his eyes betraying his true intentions.

      Bedroom eyes. That's what they were called. Hooded lids, eyelashes batting seductively. Conner was giving them right back to Braden. No words were needed... they were both begging for it. Begging to just get on with it and mate like the animals they were.

Braden slid his hands up and under Conner's shirt, feeling his smooth and toned chest. Conner was a runner, it was one of his passions. As a result, he had built up a lean and fit body. Braden already loved every inch of it.

      Conner released a long, drawn-out moan as Braden's lips made contact with his neck, mouthing at the sensitive area. Simultaneously, he rubbed their tented crotches against each other's.

    Braden could hear those noises all day. They were music to his ears.

Trying to trigger another pleasure-filled noise, Braden pinched Conner's perky nipple between his fingers. Conner gasped, throwing his head back.

Up and down, Braden's hands smoothed out across Conner's body. He wasn't afraid to explore. He wanted to leave no crevice untouched.

"Are you going to just sit there and tease me—" Conner gritted out, lifting his head to scowl at Braden, "Or are you going to be a man and fuck me like one?"

Braden couldn't help the devilish smirk that spread across his face. It was true- Braden was a huge tease. He loved to play with his food before he dug in.

Still, he felt obligated to fulfill Conner's wishes. Especially when he asked... so nicely.

Braden backed off, falling back to sit on his heels. Crossing his arms across his chest, he licked his lips.

"Strip." He ordered.

His voice was hard and unyielding. Conner would be a fool to ignore him. Ignoring him wasn't a part of his plan, though. His agenda— at the moment— just consisted of climbing on top of Braden's c*ck.

Conner glanced at Braden's hands. He had really big hands. You know what they say about guys with big hands...

Giving an exasperated sigh, Conner sat up. He ripped off his shirt, not caring if it would end up being torn to pieces. He just wanted it off.

     Braden watched his every move with hunger burning through his veins. He could barely contain himself as Conner wiggled his slim hips, slipping out of his pants. Something about the simple action turned Braden on like nothing else.

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