Chapter 5

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I went to the cops, as they were putting the tape around the trees where Hailey died, I saw a crowd of people surrounding the place like animals. I pushed my way through the crowd, I had to know what happened the last night. "Miss White?" I turned to see who was shouting my name. I saw a cop who was like 27. He was wearing a powder-blue suit, with the dark blue shirt, tie and display handkerchief, black brogues, black wool socks with dark blue clocks on them. He was neat, clean, shaved and sober, and he probably didn’t care who knew it. He was everything the well-dressed private detective ought to be. He was now standing in front of me.

"May you tell me where was Hailey last night?"

"She was sleeping last night when she was with me." The cop started to scribble it down in his little notebook.
"So she was with you last night, correct?"
"Yes, she was." He gave me a look which worried me.
"So, does that mean you're the one who killed her then. Correct?" I would have never done such a thing. Unbelievable, he thinks that I killed her, well he's wrong.
"No, I haven't killed her. You think that you can just come here and start accusing me of a crime that I haven't done."

He gave me a significant look, which I didn't like one bit. The cop looked at me. "I'll call you down later to the station, but for now. You may leave but when you get down to the station later. I want the truth and no lies. Am I clear, Miss White?"


"Good, you may leave now." I started to slowly walk to where Jeff and Toby were. Both of them had a concerned look on their faces. "Well princess, what did he say?"

"He said that later on, I have to go to the police station and he'll ask me questions about the murder. Which he thinks I did it."
Toby looked at me, the look he gave me worried me because I'm afraid that Toby might beat the crap out of the cop. "Toby come on."

"Where are you guys going?" I turned around and his brown eyes pierced into mine. It felt like something was wrong but at the same time, it felt like I had to run and hide from it. "I'm going to take Toby somewhere, maybe out to eat or something like that." I walked away as quickly as possible, without making any eye contact. I don't know why, but something tells me that something is wrong with this college.

Toby drove me to olive garden again, the salads here are so good, especially when they put Italian dressing on it. Toby took me to the same table where we were before, but the good thing is that the lady isn't working here anymore. I heard a rumor in here saying that she got fired, which is a good thing for me.

Toby glanced at me then back at his menu. "So, princess. I got your favorite drink this time. I hope we don't have to leave again from my attitude." I giggled a little. "Well, Mr. Whisker. We won't leave again, I promise." I hope that we don't leave again. A guy came over and it was a handsome guy but not as handsome as Toby. Okay, that came out wrong. "May I take your order?" He was polite when he said that. "I would like a salad, with breadsticks on the side, please." He scribbled it down in his notebook. "Well miss, what would you like to-" the guy got cut off when Toby beckoned him. The guy slowly walked over to him. It looked like Toby was saying something, but I couldn't make the words out.

The waitress got up. "It will be ready in a minute, I'll bring out your drinks." When the guy left, I eyed Toby. "So, what did you get me?" He leaned in his chair but he didn't say anything. "Come on, tell me." He looked at me at chuckled. "Princess, you'll have to wait until it gets here." Why won't he tell me? It's just a drink, no big deal. After a little while, the waitress came in with our drinks. He handed Toby a coke and when he came around, he gave me my drink. I haven't had one since summer when I was on the beach and someone paid for my drink then. I looked over at Toby and I could see a smirk forming in his face. "So, princess. Do you want it? I know that is your favorite drink." I looked down at my drink and said. "Are you the one who bought my drink at the beach this summer?" His smirk turned into a smile. "Yes, yes I did." So he is the one who bought my drink, I should've known.

Soon the waitress came out once again with the food. "Do you want any cheese on it, miss?"

"No, no thank you." The guy placed the bowl onto the table and then left without saying a word. I did a big scoop onto my plate. I was so hungry. I started eating. I took a breadstick and placed it beside me. After I was done eating the salad. I was now hungry for my breadstick. When I looked down, my breadstick was gone. I looked up at the plate and saw that they were gone too. Who could have taken them? When I was about to get up, I saw Toby out of the corner of my eye. He was eating something. "Toby, are you eating my breadsticks?" He looked at me and swallowed. "No, why?" I looked down at his plate and I could see that his plate was filled with breadsticks. "You are eating my breadsticks. How did you get the one beside me?" He gave a little chuckle. "Well, princess lets just say that I took it when you weren't looking."

"Toby give them back." He leaned over just a little bit over the edge of the table.

"They were delicious princess. Now you gonna finish that drink of yours?" I looked at my drink and sighed. I started to take little sips of it. It was good but I wasn't that thirsty anymore. Toby drove me back to the campus. I was the one who was supposed to be driving, not him. An hour later I was back in my soft warm bed, well alone without Hailey. Who could have killed her and my sister? I felt a vibration on my leg, I realized it was my phone. I took a glance at it and it was the police. Crap I completely forgot. I took the call. "Miss White? Is this you?" I took a deep breath then said. "Yes, this is me."

"Okay good, now may you come down to the police station. I need to ask you a few questions."

"Okay." I got up from the comfortable bed. I wanted to stay there forever but I have to get up. I went out the door to the police station. I didn't even kill anybody, but why are they accusing me of something that I didn't do? Who killed her?

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