The Midnight Love Series Book 2: New Born Nightmare

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I never thought that my life would take a turn such as this. As I stared into the hideous red eyes, my thoughts wandered wildly. I wished that our life could go back to normal, more than anything else. I just wanted to wake up, and have all of this go away. I just wanted to feel her back in my arms without knowing that we needed to kill to stay alive ourselves.

I felt her shiver in fear behind me, and I made sure to keep my composure, so she would feel my calm and relax herself. I thought of our baby, that lay quietly in her womb and suddenly deep from within a rage began to build. The red eyed figure that still hid from me in the dark, hissed again as he mustve felt the anger in me building.

The figure slowly crept out from the shadows of the corner of the boat and into the moon light that shown through the opening of the stair case from the top deck. He was young, with short brown hair that was neatly spiked. He had sharp features, and very pronounced cheek bones and jaw line. His skin was smooth, which indicated to me how young he really was.

He stepped closer and his entire body was exposed in the shimmering moon light. He was tall and lean. He didnt show any muscle mass under his shorts and t-shirt. He seemed very naive as he growled again, not realizing the size difference between us.

"why are you following us?" I asked him. "I only do what i am told, I do not ask questions." He replied almost robotically, as if he was programmed to give that response. "what do you want?" I inqured and he took a fighting stance before he answered. "the girl is pregnant, we want the baby for our army. if it has your genes, it will be a great asset againts those damned imperialists."

The rage had finally bubbled over and I exploded with anger. I took a fighting stance and roared at him and Bella fell back behind the bed to hide. He jumped at me stupidly and before he got the chance to let out another hiss, I grabbed him in mid air and threw him against the wall. He must have been seeing stars because he didnt react when I pounced on him and pushed him against the wall. He wildly tried to bite me, and failed misserably. His weak attempt at fighting me, reminded me of his youth. I loosened my grip on his neck slightly in sympathy for him. But then his comments about our baby enraged me again, and I quickly sunk my teeth hungrily into his neck. I ripped apart his neck and let his lifeless body fall to the ground.

I wiped my mouth of the excess blood, and rushed to Bella's side behind the bed. She snuggled against my chest and panted. I rubbed her back and her breathing slowed as she calmed down. "lay down, im gonna clean up." I told her and she nodded and quickly crawled under the covers.

I wiped the blood from the wall and floor with a blanket, and with that same blanket I wrapped the young man's body and carried up to the top deck. I dumped the body over the side of the boat into the ocean, and watched it float farther out to sea. I cursed the SAC for sending such a young kid to be killed. I knew they werent stupid, why would they send only him to try and kill me? it was obsurd, and disturbing but I shook the thought out of my head as I walked back down to the bedroom.

I crawled into bed with her and she quickly cuddled on my chest and I wrapped her tightly and protectively in my arms. About an hour passed before she fell asleep. I listened to her soft breathing as I stared up at the moon that was shining directly above.

I finally started to fall asleep as the sun started to come up. I cursed it, wanting to stay asleep and I decided I would. Besides, its probably safer to stay inside during the day. At least until we knew for sure that the group of killers we're gone. I also made it a point to make sure that we go and check out the scene where the group of people had been killed during there ceremony of sorts.

My dreams tortured me undescribably. The dreams swirled around my head, the focus shifted from Bella's safety, to my own safety, to the baby's safety.

Then it shifted to another sensitive topic, one that I had shunned away from my conscious. I thought about how terrible of a person I was, for bringing a baby into such a tormenting life. I gritted my teeth, and tossed and turned as the thoughts of our innocent baby, being brought into a world of hatred, terror, and death.

The worst part of this nightmare, was that I couldnt wake myself from it. The terrible images of a crying baby, begging for a safe haven in this unsafe world of a vampire plagued my dreams no matter where I looked.

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