My brothers bestfriend (calum hood) pt 1

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Calum Fucking Hood. My brothers best friend, they both came into my room. "C'mon Y/n your such a boring person." your older brother Luke said. "shut the fuck up luke and get out." you smacked his arm walking out to go use the bathroom, when you went back you saw Calum in your underwear drawer and holding up red lacy panties. "Calum give me those." you said speed walking towards him and trying to snatch them but he held them away from you and backed you up into the wall, his face inches from yours. "I think i'll keep these for a little." He said into your ear shoving the red underwear into his pocket and walked out. You stood there shocked, i mean your brothers bestfriend just took your underwear. Calum ended up staying over and you ended up locked in your bedroom all night, it was about 2:35 in the morning and you were on your phone, you whipped your head to the door as you heard it open, you shine your phone flashlight to see Calum with sweatpants and no shirt. You couldn't lie, he looked good without a shirt. "Does luke know your in here?" you quietly said as he closed and locked your door. "He's asleep." He told you and he sat at the edge of your bed. "ok cause that makes it any better that your coming into my room." you said sitting up. Calum sat closer to you. "we need to talk y/n.." he said putting his hand on your knee which was covered by your blanket. "about ?" you questioned, you looked at him and into his eyes, him doing the same to you... you both slowly leaned into eachother and kissed, it was a gentle and nice soft kiss but was quickly replaced into hunger and lust, calum ripped the blanket away from your body and climbed ontop of you. he kissed down your neck and going to your chest. "mmm calum, please" you whimpered. "please what?" he stopped and looked up at you. you started to push his head down lower to your area and whined. "use your words baby" he said, "calum fucking do something!" you whisper-yelled. "what do you want me to do?" he smirked at you. "i wanna feel your tongue.." you breathed out. He then started to go low again, he pulled your underwear off and there it somewhere in the room, you felt his tongue on your bundle of nerves and instantly threw your head back. "Oh calum fuck!" you moaned but quiet enough for him to hear, he attacked your clit and then stuck a finger into you and started going at a slow pace but slowly speeding up, you started grinding against his hand and tongue wanting more friction. "calum!" you said stopping him, he looked up at you confused. "what's wrong ?" he asked. "nothing i wanna try something." you said and you placed yourself over his right thigh. "what're you doing?" he asked holding your waist. "just watch me." you whispered and started grinding down on his thigh hard. "oh god yes yes yes!" you threw your head back. Calum connected his lips to your neck and kissed all the way down. "you like getting yourself off on my thigh?" he said into your ear. "mmm calum." you moaned and put your head on the crook of his neck feeling the pressure to form in your stomach. "you gonna cum?" calum groaned into your ear, you moaned in response to how close you felt. "oh my fucking... calum i'm gonna cum." you moaned out as you finally released. you slide off his lap and felt him shift, his head then came back in between your legs to lick you clean. "you taste amazing y/n." he said as he came back up and kissed you, you could taste yourself on his tongue. You went to turn yourselves over so you could be ontop but he was quick to stop you. "don't you want anything?" you asked confused. "don't get me wrong, i really do but that could wait i just had to get a taste of you before we went farther." he said and kissed you again, he got off of you and walked to the door. "till next time y/n" he winked at you and walked out. you redressed yourself and thought about what the fuck just happened and then fell asleep.

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