Okumura's POV




"I have a good news"-Me

"I said what?"-Yukiteru

"My parents gave me 4 ticket to a Amusement Park"-Me


"We should go tomorrow"-Me


"Sacred Blue..Ofcourse.Me,You,Reiko and Ryouko"-Me

"Okay then"-Yukiteru

Then Reiko and Ryouko go to them............

"What are you two talking about?"-Reiko

"About the Amusement park"-Me


"Because tomorrow we will go at the Amusement park"-Ryouko

"Okay.I'm in"-Reiko

"You are really in"-Ryouko

Then the teacher started the class


Reiko's POV

"Good bye.Guys"-Me

"See you tomorrow"-Ryouko

"Let's all meet at the train station"-Okumura


Then they all go home and sleep................


"My wait is over....I have a plan"-Kojiro

"I will kill those kids"

"I will make their happiest day a nightmare....Hahahahaha"


~Train Station~


"Hi.Good Morning"-Me

"Are we all here?"-Yukiteru


"There's the train"-Me

"Let's go"-Ryouko

After that they ride on the train...........


"I wonder what it's looks like?"-Ryouko

"Of what?"-Me

"Of the Amusement Park"-Ryouko

"Don't tell me you never been there"-Me

"Yes.I never been there :("-Ryouko

"Don't be sad,With us you will forget everything"-Me

"Thank you"-Ryouko

"Where here"-Okumura

(Amusement Park)

Ryouko's POV

"Wow!It's so big"-Me

"Yes.And it's wonderful"-Yukiteru

"Let's go at the rollercoaster first"-Reiko


"Let's go"-Me

Then they ride the rollercoaster........

"This is fun!"-Me

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