1. Princess Indeed.

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Realm: Eltaanei. Palace location: Evadeen.

The sun reluctantly peered out from the clouds signaling a lazy dawn. Then, almost immediately it sent it's signal, nature reacted as well. The birds could be seen flying through every corner spreading their song, the mockingbirds repeated in turn, the sound of the morning spellball could be heard as well from wherever distance.

Sounds of banging windows came next as the maids in the palace rushed through and fro starting their morning chores.

And slowly the kingdom of Evadeen came to life and voices could be heard at every corner. Whispers of spells too as magic could be smelt in the air.

Except, of cousre , in her chambers. She had herself tangeled underneath the green dragon skin she liked. Long sunkissed hair shattered across her face, eyes closed but quivering. That was until a small knock came at the door of her chambers repeatedly and when the visitor heard no response the door was flung open.

Rolling her eyes, her mother walked across the room towards the curtain and snapped her fingers, immediately the rays of the sun slipped through to every corner of the chambers.

"Oh for Rolien sake, Celia get up" This was a routine the woman was tired of already.

"When will you ever learn? Tu ni sap!"

Immediately Celia felt the cold air hit her skin. With eyes still closed she frowned, she spread her fingers to touch the dragon skin expectantly but it was gone.
She groaned, lazily rolling on her back and stretching.

"Get up will you? The maids are too scared to even wake you."

Now, Celia had opened an eye "They are?"

"Of course they are. Why won't they be after what you did to Sani when she woke you up"

Now the woman had her daughter's full attention. Celia now had both eyes openly staring at her mother. Two green iris in view.

"It was a simple spell" Celia grinned.

"Caging her shadow was a simple spell? Celia just because we royalties possess no shadows do not mean we should terrify those who do"

Celia frowned now. She got up from her bed and walked across the large space in her room. Taking the red cloak that she had abandoned the night before.

"we ? There is no we mother. You have Pina. You have a shadow. You do not know what it feels like"

"Your father never terrified people like you do Celia. He was a good man"

Celia snapped her fingers and smiled in comfort when the cloak appeared on her body. She glanced at her right hand, at the ring that laid perfectly on her finger. It was the last gift from her father.

"No matter what Celia, do not remove this ring. It will protect you."

The voice of her father still sounded fresh in her mind.

Indeed it held a protection spell. A very strong, accient spell. It held so much power that everyone who laid eyes on it knew immediately. They could all feel it too. Accient magic. She still thought it was too intense to be just a protection spell.

"And that's why he died" she replied, subconsciously caressing the ring.

"Celia. . . " her mums voice sounded someworth warning. Already knowing what her daughter was up to.

Celia smirked.


The queen sighed, now staring at an empty spot where her daughter once stood.

"She's grown up to be just like you Ruben. Stubborn."

* * * * * *

"Ages Celia, it takes ages to learn" Celia watched her childhood friend perform a summonimg spell, Areon had a small frown on his face while he did.

Celia watched him patiently and then grinned, when she saw the outcome of his spell. A whole full basket of Apples.

She raised her eyes up to stare at the spot where the basket once occupied. On top of the table just beside where it's owner, The seller stood.

She giggled as she grabbed an apple from the basket just before Areon used a cloaking spell to prevent the owner from spotting his missing sales with them.

They were currently at the central white market in Antea the second half of the realm of Eltaanei . Antea was the part of Eltaanei with shadowbearers of Familiars. Areon included.

Pulling up his cloak Areon carried the basket in his right arm, pushing Celia forward with his left.

"Come on, before he notices us."

Celia scowled, walking sluggishly beside her friend.

"And what if he does? I can take him."

Areon paused on his movement, turning to face his careless friend, he arched up a red eyebrow.

"That male you see over there has a dragon as his shadow." Areon said stepping closer to Celia's face "Do you really think you can take on a dragon ?"

Celia's jaw hung open in disbelieve. "Y-you mean he's a drago-"

"Exactly the kind of reaction I expected from a big-mouthed ignorant princess"

Areon sighed, turning around he raised his left hand in the air.

"Spectralicas cumaz"

And just like that, they both found themselves in their secret hideout. Areon's home.

Almost Immediately, Areon dropped the basket on his wooden table and turned to face Celia.

"Are you ready?"

Celia blinked. "Um ready for what?"

"To summon a Heboral of course." Areon replied, arching an eyebrow
"Don't tell me you forgot. You are the one who brought up this entire idea"

Celia nodded. "I haven't forgotten." She paused. "One more question. Are we summonimg an original or a cursed?"

Without blinking or hesitating Areon replied. "A cursed"

°. °. °. °

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