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Mmmm yes, smexi consent

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So i was kinda inspired by song 'Euphoria' by Loreen and since I just literally learned how to make braids, i got idea of lams.

Also, it would be good idea if i put fireplace in this fic but naw cuz it is historic time.

And i wad inspired by Jonaeris (ship from GoT and uhh it was so beutifull and im crying rn-)

So yeah, uhh

Enjoy ;)


'Alexxxx, come onnnn-" a Southern brown haired, freckled man whined at his lover.

"John, I gotta finish my essay." Alexander Hamilton, a right hand man of a General answered back.

"No, dude, what the hell. Its like midnight and what if the battle is like first thing in the morning?!" John panicked.

"John, chill." Alex deadpanned, still writing.

"No, im serius. This is probably last time we ever got time like this." John pouted.

"What if you die? What if I die?? What if we all die??" John said more teirrfied.

Then Alexander turned around, scoffed at his lover.

"Hun, no. If you die, I will kill you myself then okay?? And don't ever think of anything stupid like that. You are too skillful for Redcoats." Alexander glared.

The truth is, they actually do not know what will await them tommorow. What if John actually dies? Or himself? Its hard in war, especilly in winter like this. Congress does not giving them nothing unless they pay by British money

John whined.

"Fine, but still join me...please?" He begged, for last time.

Alex sighed, put his calligraphy pen down and went to John cot.

"You really are stubborn, arent you?" Alex chuckled, cupped his face and kissed him gently.

John blushed and kissed him back.

Then Alex, as strong as he was, pinned Laurens to the matress, still making out.

"Hold on I gotta do something. Take of your clothes." Alex commanded, sitting up making John almost whine.

It was dark but he still could see sparkly hints in Alexander dark eyes.

Alex already left, and John did nothing but to braid small, thin braid.

Then soon, Alex came back with candles.

John smirked and rolled his eyes.

"Really?? Bein' all classy and cheezy??" He teased.

Alex shrugged off as he lit candles, putting them on nightstand.

"If it is last time I ever see you Laurens, then I wish this night never ends." And he rejoined with his lover soon again.

John stared at him and wanted to cry on how much hid eyes did sparkle.

Then Alexander leaned over again, and kissed him softly as John hummed in pleasure.

Alexander pushed his knees up, spreading and bringing his hand down.

"Alex-" He gasped feeling cold finger cricling his hole
"Shhh, relax..." Alex coed.

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